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8th-9th February, 2014

Be the change you want to see in this world

Mahatma Gandhi

With Mahatma Gandhi’s quote as its ideal, this Summit aims to prepare the youth of today as the leaders of tomorrow, who are equipped to discuss and handle world issues, come up with effective solutions and conclusions in front of the authorities authorized to take action. It endeavors to inspire the ability to think critically and solve problems, a major challenge that our world faces today. Do not miss your chance to participate in this avant garde event and contribute to your society.

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Event Structure

The event will be conducted in two phases:

Our Model G20 Summit is an open event in the sense that the delegates representing a same country can be from different colleges as well. The participants can either register themselves as a team or as an individual based on their discretion. They will be required to fill the application forms accordingly.

Each delegation representing a participating Country will be consisting of three members: Head of the State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance.

There will be a host country which will be selected prior to the invitation for applications. The other 19 countries participating (excluding the European Union):

G8 countries: Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, the UK, Italy and France. Emerging Countries: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, South Korea, India, Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands.

The General Secretary of the UN, the Directors of the IMF, the World Bank (IBIRD) and the WTO will head the Chairpersons committee.

The event will be conducted in two rounds.

Round 1

Participants will be required to create a position document related to issues on the G20 agenda which will be given to them beforehand.

The Position document will be written by the participants and will have to be submitted to the Organizing Committee in advance. The paper will showcase the participant’s stance on the categories that we have mentioned. Please make it a point to keep this document brief and concise. It should not exceed 3 – 4 pages and thus only the main ideas should be developed and highlighted.

Participants will be given due opportunity to further express themselves and their perspective and position in details during the actual negotiation rounds that will take place during the G20 Summit.

Also, in the application forms, participants have been asked their preference as far as the various countries and categories are concerned and in case of selection of the application, the final allocation will be done on the basis of the country and the category preferred.

Round 2

Based on their performance in the first round 20 teams will be selected for the second round where they will come down to our campus and discuss on the summit agenda. From the delegations representing countries we will be forming three committees based on their position of responsibility. Three committees which will be established are:

• Chairpersons Committee

• Economic Sherpa Committee (Ministers of Finance)

• Political Sherpa Committee (Ministers of Foreign Affairs)

The discussions and negotiation will be happening across these committees over two days of the Summit. Discussion topics will be provided to the committees and the delegations are expected to come prepared with their positions in the issues to be addressed within their respective committees.

There will be discussions in each committee over the two days which will see delegates deliberating and negotiating over the table. There will be a common negotiation round as well where all the delegates will meet and address some common concerns and this negotiation will culminate in the drafting of a communiqué which will be presented in the end.

1st JanDeadline for Applications
2nd Jan1st Iteration result
6th JanDeadline for 1st Iteration registration (Followed by results for 2nd Iteration)
7th JanRegistration for 2nd Iteration begins
10th JanRegistration for 2nd Iteration closes
11th JanRegistration for 3rd Iteration Begins

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