• BITSMUN 2014

    BITSMUN, one of India’s premier MUN experiences, is pleased to announce its sixth edition, to be held at BITS PILANI K.K. BIRLA GOA CAMPUS this year as a part of its technical festival, QUARK from the 7th to the 9th of February, 2014. It is a one of a kind event, aimed at educating its participants about current events of international importance and giving them a perspective on international relations, diplomacy and the agenda of the United Nations. With a humble beginning in 2009 with 60 delegates in attendance, we’ve come a long way, with BITSMUN 2012 having more than 270 and BITSMUN 2013 over 320 delegates across six councils debating furiously on various international issues. BITSMUN has given its delegates a platform to indulge in an intellectual discussion on issues of global relevance and share their views with like minded delegates from across the nation. We are proud to announce that BITSMUN 2014 is set to be the biggest BITSMUN ever, with a strength of over 400 delegates, seven committees, a full press complement, and, of course, our trademark unconventional council- all completely revamped, rethought, and better than before. The BITSMUN team is pleased to invite you take part in one of the country’s largest, most successful and widely recognized MUNs. Your participation is eagerly looked forward to.

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