• Digilogica

    Description of the event:

    The event involves a total of three rounds.

    Round 1:

    Online quiz (short tricky MCQ questions).Tests the basic knowledge about digital electronics.

    Round 1 is now up!! Attempt the quiz at : . First interation results will be up on jan 5th. Iteration 2 results will be up on 15th jan. quiz will be up till 13th jan

    Round 2:

    Debugging round . A circuit having small errors and wrong connections will be given. The participants have to identify the errors and correct them within the time limit.

    Round 3:

    Design round. A problem statement will be given.The participants have to design a circuit according to the problem statement  using given components within the time limit.

    Rules of participation:

    • Team shall consist of maximum of 3 participants.
    • For Round 1 there are 16 questions. The moment a wrong answer is submitted you cannot continue further. Only one attempt is allowed.
    • For round 2 and 3 all the required hardware would be provided
    • Datasheets and pin diagrams would be provided if necessary.
    • Any violation of rules or mis-handling of equipment would lead to immediate disqualification.
    • Decision of Jury is FINAL and is to be abided by in any case.

    Judging criteria:

    Round 1: Number of questions answered correctly will be considered plus the time taken by the teams will be considered in case of a tie.

    Round 2 and 3: Point based system – includes both solution and time taken by teams.

    Contact information:

    Event Managers

    Dipali Agarwal (7709959320)

    [email protected]


    Aastha Khandelwal(9767892553)

    [email protected]

    Panel Head

    Pallavi Nema(8888964785 / 9969817507)

    [email protected]