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     EmbItion problem statement

    The Last Date for submission of the abstract has now been extended to 20th Jan.The abstract has to be sent to [email protected]


    The objective is to design the classic darts game in which a dart shall be thrown at a dartboard having three concentric circles.
    The game has to be implemented using a 128*64 GLCD screen, an AVR/Arduino, an ADXL345/Digital
    Accelerometer and Buttons.
    The dart shall be projected from a horizontal line (line of projection) at the bottom of the screen
    Basic feature of resetting the game with a button press must be present.

    The complete description of the event is given in the pdf of problem statement.

    All the teams must design the dartboard, as given by the organizers. Teams which have successfully implemented the design shall qualify for further rounds.
    Round 1: Time Kill
    Score as many points as possible within the given amount of time.
    Round 2: Captain’s Order s
    A ring number shall be given by the event manager to hit each time. Score according to proximity of the dart to the required ring.
    Final Round: Knockout Tournament
    1. 1-v-1 rounds. 8 strikes on your own systems. Team with higher score wins and moves on.
    2. In case of a draw, a Time Challenge (similar to round 2) will be carried out.
    3. Losing team will be knocked out of the tournament.


    • Students enrolled in any undergraduate/postgraduate program in the same recognized institute are allowed.
    • Team strength should not exceed 4.


    • All features have to be executed using the allowed electronic inventory.
    • The software written should be original and not copied from any other source.
    • The participating team MUST necessarily register themselves on the event website.
    • Abstract submission should be done by the Team leader from the id he has registered on the Quark website.
    • Failure to implement the above requirements would make your design ineligible for the competition.
    • The teams must mail the working proof (photo, video, code sample) if and when asked for prior to the actual event
    • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. The teams must not damage their fellow participants’ circuit in any way. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehaviour.
    • Judges decision shall be final and binding on all.
    • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be notified to the registered participants.

    •  Basic compulsory features.
    •  The effectiveness of the hardware and software used in solving the problem statement.
    •  Length of software code.
    •  Neatness of circuit and game design.

    Addition of extra features is greatly encouraged. They will have a significant share in the judging criteria but will be evaluated only after the compulsory tasks are completely executed.

    For any queries contact :

    Event Manager

    Maitreya Naik ( 09637279501 / 09099020941)

    [email protected]

    Panel Head

    Pallavi Nema(8888964785/ 9969817507)

    [email protected]