• MatMania

    Description of the event:

    The event will consist of three rounds.

    Round 1 – A General quiz on MATLAB, covering syntax, features and data types.

    Round 2 – A simulation in Simulink. The participant will be assumed to have knowledge of basic electrical circuits and should know their way around Simulink.

    Round 3 – Coding round. A specific task will be given, the tools for which will be declared in the problem statement itself.

    Rules :

    1.   The first round will be individual. There will be 15 questions.
    2.   The teams who qualify for the second round should make teams of two on the spot.
    3. The subsequent rounds will be timed and the qualifying teams will be those who solved the given problem correctly within the least time. (In case of a tie.)
    4. In case there are two correct ways to solve a problem, both will be considered as long as the results are within the limits of error.

    In case of any queries, contact :

    Event Managers

    Samyukta Ramnath (09561130432)

    [email protected]


    Srinath Rajagopalan (08390233450)

    [email protected]


    Panel Head

    Pallavi Nema(8888964785 / 9969817507)

    [email protected]