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    Quark Debating League:
    The most prestigious form of organized argument, QUARK-School Bag presents School Bag Debate. Get ready to lock horns in verbal combat and stun your opponent in a volley of cogent rebuttals.

    1.    Format- Modified Lincoln Douglas

    a.    Teams of 2
    b.    Topic will be given half an hour in advance. Internet facilities will be provided for theduration and topics will be general in nature.
    c.    The first FOR speaker speaks for 3 minutes, followed by a 3 minute speech by the first AGAINST speaker.
    d.    This is followed by a cross-questioning round, where each team is allowed 1.5 minutes to ask questions to opposition. (No cap on questions, follow up questions not allowed).
    e.    A crystallization speech for 2 minutes by the second speaker of the FOR team, followed by a similar 2 minute speech by the second AGAINST speaker.

    2.    1 or 2 Elimination rounds in total, followed by a semi-final and a final in each category. All rounds will have the same format.

    3.    Only one category (8-12).

    4.    This will be followed by a Mega-Final, where the winners and runner-ups of each category will face off.

    a.    Winner of Category A v/s Runner of Category B
    b.    Winner of Category B v/s Runner of Category A

    c.    This followed by the finals
    d.    Same format applies


    Quark Quiz Quest:

    This is one of the age old tests of grey cells, our way to find out which school reigns supreme in the state of Goa.

    Category: 2 categories 8-10 and 11-12    Teams of 2

    Flavor:  General with an emphasis on technology

    1. All teams will sit for the finals. There will be an elimination procedure at the end of each round, where the last two teams on the score sheet will be eliminated. This procedure will continue for 2-3 rounds (subject to participation) until 6 teams remain.
    2. Another 2 classic quiz rounds will be held to determine the winners.
    3. Points obtained in one round carriers to the next round.
    Further details will be provided on the spot.


    Poster Making Competition:

    Test your artistic skills to the limit as School Bag brings to you an innovative and creative poster making competition.


    Theme will be given on the spot. Paper will be provided by us but drawing and sketching material should be brought by the participants.


    Time limit is 1.5 hrs.


    Please Note: 

    1. The participating school will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the events.
    2. Participating schools will have to report at the BITS-Goa Campus by 9 a.m. sharp on 8th February 2014.
    3. Last date for registering for all events is 3rd February 2014.
    4. The following details must be mentioned in your e-mail to [email protected]:

    a. Name of the school

    b. Name of the event with the names of corresponding participants

    c. Contact number




    If you have any query, please feel free to drop an e-mail to [email protected] or get in touch with any one of us:

    +91 9403271188                                          Email: [email protected]

    Nidhi Angle
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