Following are the projects available in QSTP 2020

Mentors: Arpan Garg, organizer with GDG (Google Developer Group) New Delhi

Pre-requsites: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Description: Commudle is a place for Tech Communities across the world to Share and Grow. It started as a solution to the registration and event management process which was being implemented using multiple independent tools for my own Tech Community. We first made a specific registration process as a web application and used it for about 3 months. The turn up rate for attendees at Tech Events went from 40-55% to 80-95% and above. Evolving further, the platform now includes solutions to more community event specific things which were being managed in an ad-hoc/on demand basis.

The features include:
- Community Visibility
- Registration Process
- Multiple locations for Events
- Multiple tracks for Events
- Single place for preserving all the content shared in these Events
Info: We will teach you Angular 2+ in this course

Project: Mock Food Delivery App using Java and Firebase

Mentors: Arjun Bajpai & Yatik Budhrani

Pre-requsites: None

Description: This project aims to introduce Mobile Application Development using Java and Android Studio to beginners. This will cover topics like TextViews, EditTexts, RecyclerViews, SharedPreferences and will end with a touch of realtime database usage using Google Firebase.

Project: Blog Website with Admin Panel using MERN Stack

Mentors: Arpit Bhardwaj, Samesh Lakhotia and Sarvesh Shinde

Pre-requsites: None

Description: The aim of this course is to teach the core concepts of backend and front-end web development, using modern industry standard technologies such as NodeJs, ReactJs, MonogoDB and Express.

Mentors: KRATOS Team

Pre-requsites: None

Description: Project Kratos is building and improving a fully autonomous Mars Rover. We will be dividing you based on your interest into one of 4 subsystems: Life Detection, Electronics, Mechanical or Autonomous and train you from scratch in all required software and skills. The best performers of this QSTP will be inducted into our team.

Project:Design and simulate a robotic arm

Mentors: Abhishek Dixit and Tanmay Bhonsale


Description: In this course, you'll learn about various electronic devices and their applications. Arduino, CAD, MATLAB and Simulink, which are fundamental in designing and simulating mechatronic devices like a robotic arm, will be taught.

Project:Path planning for Turtlebot

Mentors: Aditya Bidwai and Atharv Sonwane


Description: In this project you will learn how to simulate, control and ultimately automate a robot. In the process you will be introduced to the Robotics Operating System (ROS), Gazebo and various other tools that are integral to robotics development.

Mentors:Manav Jain, Sarthak Ajmera and Vishist Agarwal


Description: The course will introduce students to some core competitive programming concepts and relevant data structures and algorithms will be taught with an emphasis on problems. This will introduce them to topics that are asked in coding tests and interviews conducted by companies during placements and internships. Each topic will have an extensive list of problems to solve and relevant editorials will also be uploaded.

Mentors: Harsh Rawat & Simran Singh

Pre-requsites:Boolean Algebra (How logic gates work)

Description: Hardware description language (Verilog) for logic design along with learning to design test benches. Various circuits like LFSR, Sequence detectors and counters will be simulated using the language. A basic knowledge of how various flip flops work will also acquired in the due course.

Mentors:Vidit Patel, Dhruv Patidar (BITS Kreig), Gaurav Rane (BITS Kreig) & Dhruv Nagpal (Organized NETTECH last year)


Description: The aim of this QSTP is to familiarize the participants with the aspects of computer security. We will cover the basics of computer networking, web security, reverse engineering, cryptography and digital forensics. On completion, you will be able to navigate the individual fields further on your own.

Project:Analysis of features of data using R.

Mentors: Nidhi Zare


Description: This project is about analyzing and detects anomalies in the datasets, use datasets to classify the sentiments in them. In this project we will build R tool for data clustering, data processing, data visualization and data analysis.

Mentors: Saransh Gokhale and Aditya Aryan


Description: This course will introduce you to how the stock markets work and some basic techniques to trade in them. It will also teach you about various instruments like bank accounts, mutual funds, insurance, taxation, etc. and good practices about those to keep your wealth secure during troubling times.

Mentors: Yash Zanwar , Naman Shah & Rohan Kishore

Pre-requsites:Basic understanding of Python

Description: The objective of the project is to develop algorithmic strategies to trade equity. The strategies will be coded in python using market data. This is mainly aimed at students interested in quantitative finance.

Project:Implementation of projects in the areas of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning. (Chosen according to preference of participant)

Mentors: Somesh Singh, Sampreet Arthi & Ayush Aaryan


Description: Participants will gain knowledge of Machine Learning concepts, and it's practical applications in the major fields of Deep Learning. Participants will be allowed to choose a project in one of the fields after Week 2. Project will be implemented and put up on a GitHub repository and will give valuable open source skills.

Project:Designing RC Plane using Fusion 360

Mentors:Pranjal Anand & Prithvi Ramesh


Description: This project aims to skill participants in aeromodelling, like generating and modeling aerodynamic structures and also to help them understand the fundamentals of flight stability, and give a basic introduction to aerodynamics and a systematic approach to small scale RC aircraft design

1. CAD Modelling in Solidworks : Quadcopter Drone
2. Analysis in Ansys : Static Structural and Harmonic Response Analysis of a Truss.

Mentors: Mohit Sawane & Rugved Katole

Pre-requsites: None

Description: The participants will be taught CAD design modelling in Solidworks in 3D, which is the basic skill required for design engineers. In addition, analysis of physical problems through simulations will be worked hands-on on Ansys

Mentors: Ashwani Kottapalli & Amit Hegde


Description: Making Android and iOS and Windows augmented reality applications. Also work on SPARKAR to create Facebook/instagram filters.

Project:VFX using Photoshop and Premier Pro

Mentors:Jaskaran Singh Bhatia and Sharnam Singhwal


Description: We'll be creating a short concept-video by creating visual elements using Adobe Photoshop and then assembling a video on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mentors: Harsh Vijay

Pre-requsites:School level mechanics and calculus. Basic knowledge of linear algebra.

Description: This course will cover almost all the aspects of special relativity and will switch to general relativity by the end, and also have a glimpse of the Einstein's theory of Gravity. Mathematical foundation will be laid, eventually approaching advanced concepts.

Mentors: Shaurya Verma and Aditya Bhatt


Description: When you leave a live concert, you're probably not thinking, "Man, the sound was mixed perfectly." But, as soon as the audience notices something slightly off in the mix, it's all over. In this course, you'll be learning the secrets behind the perfect mix, and how sound actually works, be it on the big stage or in a studio environment.

Mentors: Ishaan Sharma & Anjum Kataria

Pre-requsites: None

Description: A compact and effective training on Consulting strategies and consulting practices followed by Major Tier 1 Consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG etc. We'll also cover major business analytic ideologies, effective leadership and communication for business in this training.

Mentors: Rahi Joshi


Description: This is a course for people who are interested in learning German. We'll be starting from absolute ground level and learning German to a level where you can comfortably clear the A1 exam.