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Binary Pirates is an online hacking competition where your hacking skills will be tested. It’s a battleground for hackers where you have to do whatever it takes to capture the 'flag' and move to the next level. The event will test your coding skills along with your understanding of networking and web related concepts. So , gear up to rack your brains for whacking out your hacking skills learnt so far.

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In the game you will be rewarded with coins for solving the question.

There will be three types of questions -

  1. Treasure questions - This type of questions will have only ONE flag and submission of the correct flag will be rewarded with normal amount of coins.
  2. Trap questions - This type of questions will be similar to treasure question but will have a timer associated with them. If you are not able to submit the flag within the allotted time, then a penalty of coins will be imposed and the next level will be opened.
  3. Hidden treasure question - This type of questions will have TWO flags. Out of the two, one flag will fetch you more coins than the other. You are allowed to submit only ONE flag.

Winner will be decided on the bases of the highest amount of coins collected.


The game will consisting of the following rounds:

  • A warm up round on 25th jan,2013
  • The main game will start from 00:00 hrs 30th jan,2013 to 23:59 hrs 1st feb,2013


  1. Register yourself
  2. Do whatever you can to get the flag.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 1 members

Judging Criteria

Will be uploaded soon.


Resource material will be uploaded soon.


Shwetabh Khanduja
+91 9637048168
[email protected]

Abhilash Saksena

+91 9975565906
[email protected]