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Think you got the brains and the brawn to romp the corporate corridors? Beat the markets with your innovation and creativity design and market an ingenious product with minimal resources. You don’t have to be the master of one just the jack of all! Multitask, gamble and make the right choice in this cut-throat corporate event.

The topics for video submission has been uploaded. Please click here to download.

IMPORTANT: Deadline for round one extended to 5th January, 2013!



The event has 4 rounds in total – one of which is online and the other three will be held on campus during Quark 2013. In addition to this, there will also be a bonus online round for the teams shortlisted after Round 1.

Online Rounds

Round 1

Online Round 1 will test advertising skills of the participants. Teams will have to create a 30 second video pitching a given product to their target audience. The videos have to be uploaded by 5th January, 2013, after which they will be put up on the Quark facebook page for a week. Teams will be shortlisted on the basis of the creativity and effectiveness of the video ad and the number of likes the video gets on facebook.

The topics for video submission has been uploaded. Please click here to download.

The video can be uploaded on Youtube or any cloud platform. Please mail us the link of the video at [email protected]

The Bonus Quiz

Teams shortlisted for the second round will get a chance to attempt this bonus round from 15th January to 31st January. The round shall test their awareness of brands and marketing campaigns. The points won in this round will be added to their total tally for the on-campus rounds.

On-campus Rounds

There will be 3 rounds on campus. Each team will have a points tally which the teams can use in the rounds.

Round 2

This quiz round will be an opportunity for teams to accumulate points. It will involve testing their knowledge on economics, business, latest products, brands etc.

Round 3

This round will be a test of the teams’ ability to design a product, choose the right target market and price it right. They will be allowed to use points from their tally to invest in a set of given raw materials to choose from and come up with an innovative product, which they have to sell to panel of judges. Their returns will be decided based on the response of the judges.

Round 4

For the final round, teams will have to put forward their best marketing skills. It will involve a hands-on sales exercise on-campus.





All rounds, except the bonus round, are compulsory

The teams will be finally evaluated based on the points that they have accumulated over all the rounds

The uploaded video will be granted points based on the number of shares and likes on Facebook through the Quark upload link only

Participants who pass Round 1 are eligible for participating in The Bonus Quiz as well as on campus Round 2

The Bonus Quiz will be open from 15th January to 31st January. This will be a short, timed online quiz. This round helps team get extra points. It is optional.

In round three, teams' performance will be ranked by a panel of judges. Judges' decision will be final and binding.


Team Specifications:

Minimum : 2 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria


The evaluation is purely based on points earned by the teams in each of the tasks.

The teams are tested on their creativity, product designing abilities, marketing, advertizing and sales abilities and general knowledge.





For further clarification, throw in a mail to [email protected] or ring us.

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