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Chemical Engineering and Marketing


When two chemicals combine successfully, they generate a new product. The product is independent of our dreams or expectations almost as if it rules its own world. Only a Chemical Engineer has the ability to handle and play with it and direct it to satisfy the needs of the world.

If you believe that you were born to be a Chemical Engineer and all you need is a platform to show your skills and capabilities, then get ready because Quark 2013 is giving you a chance to show everyone your expertise in the field of chemistry.



In this event, participants have to improve some of the basic, standard industrial chemical equipments and also then, have to sell them to a virtual industry [Judges' panel] at the minimum possible quotations. Collect as much information as you can about the equipments and give it your best shot.

Some relavant data may be provided at the event venue also [on-the-spot]. Event is structured in four levels which include general chemistry/chemical problem followed by the improved equipment working round.



Phase 1

WWW - Its not our familiar "World Wide Web" but rather our "What Went Wrong", which includes some reaction balancing, material balancing , and other general chemistry based calculations that we have learnt in our 10+2 level.



Phase 2

Help ME !

These set of industry equipments have been in the engineering domain since the last 100 years or more and now it's your job to try and improve them keeping in mind both the qualitative and the economic aspect. Following are the 3 equipments- 

  • Heat Exchanger 
  • Condenser
  • Reboiler


Phase 3

This round is exactly the same as the previous one except the equipments are a little complex in nature. They are -

  • Distillation Column
  • Extraction Column 
  • Absorption Column



Phase 4

Final Showdown

Combine the set of equipments and design a unit for processing and proceed to sell it with optimum cost.

Teams will be given set of equipment on first day so they will have 2 days to think for final show.



  • The number of participants per team is limited [1-5].
  • Participants should carry their original college ID cards at all times.
  • The time limit for each round has to be strictly adhered to. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. Judge have right to disqualify them for any misbehavior.
  • The organizing committee is entitled to change rules. All changes will be highlighted on the website so the participants are requested to regularly check the quark website.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 5 members

Judging Criteria




Feasibility and

Envoirmental aspects.

Any new innovative idea will have special consideration.


The Whole of the world wide web is at your disposal.



Shashank Wankhade


[email protected] 


Vishal Valse


[email protected]