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The city 'Robotica' is facing a serious problem of fire. They have lost many valuable resources. The Government wants to solve this problem by putting fire stations at various places in the city. Help the government to choose the places for the fire stations.

The participants will be given map of various part of 'Robotica' city as a graph. The lines in the graph represent roads in the city. The intersections, beginning and end of a road and turns of roads are called nodes where the fire stations can be placed. Each fire station costs 100 Units of resources.

Fire stations have to be chosen in such a way that any node (other than fire stations) should be at max 1 node away from a fire station (COMPLETELY COVER THE MAP). The government wants to minimise the number of such fire stations to minimise the cost.

The participant is required to implement an algorithm on a robot to help the government. The robot should traverse the given map and mark the fire station spots by blinking LED.

For complete details about the event, kindly download the Problem Statement.

NOTE : You don't need to submit any abstract for this event.

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  1. The map will have no cycles or loops in it. It will be a TREE GRAPH.

  2. Line width will be 3cm. The arena is contained in a 210 cm x 210 cm area. The lines are black on a white background.

  3. Robot’s starting position will be given by judges. The robot can traverse the city as many times he wants. But it should stop after giving the solution.

  4. Number of nodes will not exceed 30.

  5. The TOTAL TIME will be measured from start to till the robot stops.




The participants will be given some arena to practice and calibrate their robots before the competition.

Qualifying Round

All participants are eligible for the qualifying round. They will be given the problem arena for 1 min to practice and test. To qualify for final round, the participant has to cover the entire graph by following the lines and terminate after covering the graph. The rankings will be done based on time taken to cover the graph. Maximum 3 chances will be given. The last chance will be considered for judging.

Final Round

The qualified teams from qualifying round will participate for the final round. The top 3 teams from final round will be declared winners.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria


Final Round

  1. Each fire station costs 100 Units.

  2. Each Uncovered node (not reachable from any fire station) will cost 100 Units.

  3. Each 5 seconds in the total time will cost 5 Units. 1-5 seconds will be considered as 5 seconds, 6-10 seconds will be considered as 10 seconds and so on.

  4. Each participant will be given at most 3 chances. No penalty for 1st chance. After that each chance will cost 50 Units as penalty.

  5. The judging criteria will be the total cost.

  6. The robot can blink LED at a particular node as many times as it wants. That node will be 
counted as only one fire station.



Kindly download the resources for graph representation from here.

for trees ----
for dominating sets -----
For Line following ----
download the resources from here

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