Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion is the official add-on to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game Age of Empires II: The Age Of Kings.Players lead one of 19 civilizations to build their economy and create their army to fight against their enemy. Advance their ages to make their army more stronger and to find new researches.The game keeps the epic scope of Age of Empires' game play while evolving the combat and economic features.

Now, its your turn to choose your civilization and Build your empire which would last for ages.

Participation Fee : INR 500/- per team.



#  There will be one representative from each Clan, he ensures all players are given information about the match and have to turn up    in time for the match. In case of any delay they will be aptly informed before.

#  Server can be hosted from any of the players comp, DEM/AEM will be spectating the match to ensure all is fine.

# All players must join the server 10 minutes prior to the mentioned time.

# All players must join the server with AOE1.0E version.

# All players must join the server with the clan name followed by nick. All must use the nicks given for registration only.

#    No two players can choose the same civilization in the same team.

# No fight for colours allowed in the server. Colour changes will only be allowed if the player who gets it when joined in the server agrees.

# The game will be saved for every 20 minutes.

# If a player gets disconnected before first 20 minutes the game will be restarted.

# After 20 minutes the game will be restored.

# Players should mention before pausing the game. Game should be unpaused only after the both clan leaders confirm all players are ready.

# Maximum of 10 pauses are allowed for each team.

# Clans can chose their home maps from standard map style or custom map style (namely land nomad, green arabia and michi)

# No Villager fight before TC is up in Land Nomad.



Map Settings:

Game - Random map

Map style - Standard or Custom (namely land nomad, green arabia and michi) Green Arabia will be used in normal matches. Land Nomad and michi will be there in case of semifinals/finals as decided by the EM/DEM present there.

Location - Map chosen

Size - 8 players (4v4)

Difficulty -  Standard

Resources - Standard

Population - 200

Game speed - Normal

Reveal map - Normal

Starting age - Standard

Victory - Conquest


Teams together, Lock teams, Lock speed, Record game.

The rules for the rounds in the tourney will be announced after registration.

Pools will be made once the registrations are over, and put up based on ratings predecided. Depending in the no. of clans registering, pools will be made.


Team Specifications4 members per clan.

Judging Criteria


Victory   - Conquest

If the game goes on till 2hrs the team with high average score wins the game.



# There will be a home map chosen by each clan playing the semis.

# In case both the maps are won by a single clan, then they advance to the finals.

# If both the clans win one map each, then the 3rd map will be chosen by the DEM. The winner of the third map will advance to the finals.


The game played will be : aoe 2 conquerers, version 1.0e


Krishnan E | [email protected]
+91 7709790727

Jacob Cherian | [email protected]
+91 9637374180