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The future has arrived. Surface computing has redefined our familiar notions of a computer, and is the new buzzword among techies all over the world. As countless breakthroughs have been made in technology, we have effectively replaced our old traditional computers with their keyboard and mouse, with a more natural and intuitive way of interaction, using touch and real world objects to create a more hands-on experience.

The Motion Sensing workshop, brought to you by Quark, offers you an opportunity like never before, to work on fascinating new technologies like the Xbox Kinect as well as other motion sensing devices. You also get to make your very own multi-touch pad using the various techniques learnt. So get your fingers ready, and prepare to enter into the next era of human achievement, by celebrating this wonderful new pinnacle of modern technology, that is, Surface Computing.

Date: 3rd February 2013.

Venue: BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus.

Contact: Laksh Bhatia : +91 9867931111

You can play online for the workshop at


Exploring Motion Sensing


Course content


1. Basics of Surface Computing:

a. Introduction to Surface Computing

b. Earlier prototypes of Surface Computing.

c. Furture of Surface Computing.

2. Techniques of Surface Computing:

a. Different techniques used in Surface Computing.

b. Diffused Ullumination.

c. Laser Light Plane.

d. Led Light Plane

e. Tracking Your Touch.(How It Works)

3. Introduction to Open NI:

a. Basics of Images and Pixels.

b. Formation of Images and Pixels.

c. Frame Rates.

d. Introduction and installation of Open NI.

e. Bacis of Image Processing. 

4. Working With Depth Images:

a. Occlusion and Depth Shadows.

b. Noise at edges.

c. Distortion Due to Reflection.

d. Self Made Prototype.

Motion Sensing:

a. Introduction to Xbox Kinnect.

b. Making a touch Pad.

c. Working of Touch Pad.

d. Motion Sensing Applications.

e. Tracking Nearest Objects.

f. Making a wireless measuring Tape.


Content developed in association with Infi-Zeal Technologies

Rules and Pre-requisites


Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Pre Requisites

This is a basic level workshop and hence there are no pre requisites for it.

Payment Details:

The cost of the workshop is Rs 800 per individual.

Certificate Criterion

A 'Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded to all the participating students by Infi-Zeal Technologies and Quark 2013 on successful completion of the workshop