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Though the circuitry and coding may lead you to believe otherwise, Robotics is essentially a Mechanical Engineering domain. Quark brings you a one-of-a-kind mechanical-based, hands-on Robotics workshop - free from complicated wires and terrifying lines of code. Pneumatics is the main principle used in the construction of this Robotic Arm. 

Pneumatics deals with the study and application of pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion, the application of which renders Robots much more efficient. The workshop not only teaches you Pneumatics, but will also lay a strong foundation in the avant-garde domain of Robotics. It is an ideal opportunity for new-comers to set foot into the wonderful world of robotics and for the regulars to learn a new technology!

So this Quark, delve deep into the world of pneumatics . Learn from the experts who have represented India at an International Level . 

Dates: February ,2013

Duration:16 hours spread over 2 days.

Venue: BITS Pilani,K.K. Birla Goa Campus.

Contact : Vaibhav Khankar : +91 8454836182

Course content


Day 1

1. Introduction to Robotics:

a. What is a robot

b. History of robotics

c. Types of robots

d. Applications of robotics

e. Current Scenario and future.

2.  Mechanical Design

a. Designing of body

b. Kinematics and dynamics of robot.

c. Multi-wheel mechanism

d. Four bar mechanism

e. Suction mechanism

f.  Building the chassis of the robot.

3. Electrical systems:

a. Power Supplies

b. Unregulated supplies

c. Need of regulation

d. Regulated power supplies

4. Electronic Components:

a. Resistors,Capacitors,Inductors.

b. Transistors and its applications

c. Switches,relays

d. Motor Drivers

Day 2

1. Introduction to the use of compressed air:

a. Basic Terminologies and concept

b. Introduction to pneumatic control systems

c. Actuations using pneumatics cylinders

d. Construction and operation of pneumatic valve.

2. Final Robot

a. DC motors

b. Pneumatics

c. Construction of a basic system to carry out pick place task using pneumatics.

d. On hand experience to industrial application of Pneumatics.

Interactive Discussion’s to be held with the students during the workshops to discuss their own thought-provoking Ideas.

Takeaway Indroyd Labs Kit Content:

1.Pneumatic cylinder.

2.Solenoid valve.

3.Big Mechanical chassis.


5.Control Unit.

6.Air tight bottle.



9.Many other electronic components 

Each successfully registered team is expected to bring a Big Plastic Cold-Drink Bottle with them.


Content developed in association with Indroyd Lab            


Rules and Pre-requisites


All participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop. 

Pre Requisites

This is a basic level workshop , everything would be taught from scratch and hence there are no pre requisites for it.

Payment Details

The cost of the workshop is Rs 7200/- per team. The maximum number of participants per team is 4. 


A 'Certificate of Merit’ will be awarded to all the participating students by Indroyd Labs and Quark 2013 on successful completion of the workshop.