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In a fast changing world, constant reinvention of strategies is the need of the hour. QuEST 2013 takes you on a journey exploring the entrepreneur in you through a multidimensional world that tests your skills in reaching out to almost all strata of society.  


Please click here to download the problem statement.



QuEST - Quark Entrepreneurial Skills Test is planned to test the participants marketing skills, business sense, quick thinking, decision-making, crisis management and teamwork.

Event Specifications:

Round 1:

This round tests the creativity, innovation and originality of applicants in developing a new product for an audience of their choice in the sectors provided by Quark. Feasibility of the product is an important criterion which applicants should consider before sending in their entries. A write up describing the details of the product designed by applicants, their chosen sector and target customer group has to be submitted online to [email protected] by 5th January, 2013. Further details of first round along with the sectors to be chosen are given in the PDF provided.

Please click here to download the problem statement.


Round 2:

This round is divided into two phases and will take place during Quark. Bid for units to make the ultimate product. With a sound business strategy, a quality product and a little bit of luck, you could breeze through this test.

Round 3:

In this presentation round, participants need to pitch their business plan to a panel of judges.




Eligibility Criteria:

Participants are required to carry a valid college-identification proof.


Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 2 members

Judging Criteria


  • There will be eliminations after each round.
  • Rules for each round will be conveyed to the participants before each round.
  • Judges decision is irrevocable.





If you have any query, please send an e-mail to [email protected], or get in touch with any one of us:

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