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How would you like to set the temperature of your air conditioner using an email? Or perhaps inform your oven in advance to heat your food before you return home? Wireless Sensor technology will let you do just that. 

Wireless Sensor Network is the latest cutting edge technology that is all set to revolutionize the way we live and work. It would not be an exaggeration to predict that in the decade to follow, we would be surrounded by gadgets coupled with wireless sensor networks which can be accessed remotely via the Internet. This can be envisaged as the transformation of Internet into a physical network.

WiSor, at Quark deals with the theoretical aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks as well as advanced practical applications of the same through the latest industry-approved software platforms. The workshop is a must-attend for all those who wish to go beyond the scope of classroom learning and explore an exciting new domain.

Date: 1st February 2013.

Venue: BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus.

Contact: Jeh Lokhande : +91 9503370378

                                                [email protected]


Exploring WiSor


Course content


Workshop on Design & Development of Embedded Systems and 

Wireless Sensor Networks


1. Getting started with basics:

a. Introduction Wireless Sensor Networks

b. Hardware Description & Designing of Sensor Nodes

c. Brief Introduction to different types of sensors available in the market.

d. Features of Inventrom’s wissap 1.0 (Hardware Description)

2. Trying out the tools:

a. Hands on programming of wissap 1.0 using ICCAVR programing platform.

b. GPIO control of Wissap 1.0

c. Sensor & Peripheral interfacing to wissap 1.0

d. Analog to Digital Conversion

e. Timers and PWM

3. The advanced applications:

a. Introduction to Wireless Communication – protocols &programming

b. TI®’s CC2500 Interfacing and Programming with UART

c. SPI devise interfacing and Programming with Wissap 1.0.

d. Programming using AVR’s AVR STUDIO 5 on Wissap.

e. Wireless Communication- Embedded C programming – UART/SPI.

f. Intercommunication between different Sensor Nodes.

g. Intercommunication between different Sensor Nodes and PC’s.

h. Programming and design of a Gateway Sensor Node.

i. Sending the room temperature over a network to a hotspot.

j. Creating gesture recognition system using Wissap 1.0 and Inventrom’s TechnoBot.

Innovative ideas will be discussed with the students in the workshop.


Hardware to be used during the Workshop:

ATmega 32 USB Programmer

Wissap 1.0

Proximity sensors

Temperature Sensors

Inventrom’s gesture recognition board.


Content developed in association with Inventrom Robotics

Rules and Pre-requisites


All participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Pre Requisites

This is a basic level workshop and hence there are no pre requisites for it.

Payment Details:

The cost of the workshop is Rs. 800 per individual.

Please Note: Participants can also register as teams of 3 for the two workshops, WiSor and Invent-O-Pi at a reduced cost of Rs 5400/- per team

Certificate Criterion

A 'Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded to all the participating students by Inventrom Robotics and Quark 2013 on successful completion of the workshop