1. Jun Fujiwara, Tama Art University, Japan:-
Sound Bottle is a music creation device like no other. Designed by a Jun Fujiwara at Japan’s Tama Art University, it’s a bottle-shaped device that captures and plays back sounds.

The Re: Sound Bottle is the audio equivalent of running around in a field in the summer collecting fireflies in a jar. The bottle is simple in its usage but absurdly complex in its design which relies heavily on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of audio tracks. To use it you simply uncork the device and if sound is present it immediately snaps into recording mode. As you record more individual sounds, an audio database is formed and tracks are automatically selected to create rhythmic tracks, essentially like a miniature robot DJ in a jar. To listen, you again uncork the top and wait for your personal soundtrack to play. The project, which received a judge’s prize at the 2012 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Awards last year, cleverly turns the complex, multipart process of digital music production into a simple analog act.

The device is about getting people to interact with the world around them in novel ways, look at things differently and experience music in a new way. It’s also an incredibly social tool, with spectators seeing it in action eager to join in with the sound experimentations.

2. Angad Daryani:- He calls science, an art. His love for technology is undying while his will to invent
and innovate is amazing. He is referred to as the little genius, a child prodigy, an inspiring teenager (yes, he is just 15!) but he calls himself as the Maker. The name etches a very honest image of his being and introduces us to a boy who loves making things, the boy who is known as Angad Daryani. From quitting school in 9th grade because it was taming his curiosity to building a virtual brailler at MIT, he has come a long way. Rest assured, his passion has the power to amaze the world with many more achievements. With a firm belief in the concept of learning, acquiring knowledge and going out and doing things, Angad aims to enrich himself with self education rather than just getting formally educated to make a living. It is this strong will and his deep interest in anything and everything involving science, that he has breakthrough inventions like the 3D Printer and Virtual brailler, the world’s first e-reader to his credit. Science has revolutionized lifestyle and Angad views it in awe and visions that everyone should touch their lives with application, with reasoning through science. This led to formation of his kit company, “Shark Kit”, inculcating a strong sense of DIY within children along with generating practical interest in technology.Besides this, he has also created a one of its kind workspace, namely ‘Maker’s asylum’ inviting people to come and invent with the aid of his team. Now, we don’t want to be spoilsports and would leave the overwhelming stories behind each of his achievements and updates on his future projects to word of mouth from the mind blowing guy, Angad himself. Be sure to catch him talk live, only at Quark 2014.

3. Vishal Gondal:-
Vishal Gondal, is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor, best known as the founder and CEO of Indiagames. He was the Managing Director, DisneyUTV Digital, The Walt Disney Company India Pvt. Ltd. He is the founder of Indiagames, a global computer games developer and publisher in India. Rediff called him “India’s king of Gaming”.