• Swarm Robotics

    Any evolution starts with one leader thinking out of the box and the rest following him. Swarm Robotics presents the “hive minds” concept to you in a whole new dimension. Welcome to the coolest form of robotics there is.

    Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multirobot systems which consist of large numbers of mostly simple physical robots. It is inspired but not limited by the emergent behavior observed in social insects, called swarm intelligence. To know more, register for the workshop at http://goo.gl/uXbUKA!
     Dates: 8th,9th Feb
    Cost:                                                                                      For Any Queries, contact :
    Rs 5600                                                                                 Sarang Agarwal
    Teams of 4                                                                          +91 - 94051 37320
  • Cyber Forensics and Information Security

    A great opportunity for all the security enthusiasts and ethical hackers across the country. If you have a keen interest for hacking, this is for you specially.

    The need of the hour is to protect your data from intruders. The workshop focuses to teach you how to protect your system and data from malicious attacks, ethically ! The primary aim would be to introduce you to current popular attacks and explain the techniques to counter them. We would proceed to analyse the short comings which give rise to bad security systems. We would be giving an overview of what is known as an ‘Ideal Secure System’. In this way, we aspire to equip students to the best level to fight potential cyber attacks.  And it isn’t that difficult. Let us show you how.

    Dates: 8th,9th Feb
    Cost:Rs 1200
    Workshop Coordinator : 
    Anadi Misra                   +91 9987 469 335
  • Internet of Things

    How great is it when your door can update its Facebook status every time someone opens it? Or when your favourite song starts playing on your music player as soon as you tweet about it? How about a house full of different devices which you can control using just one app?
    Welcome to The Internet of Things. Here to make life beautiful,  it’s all about making homes and cities much smarter and more integrated than we ever thought before. It is predicted that the IoT will have 24 Billion devices connected by 2020. Are you ready for the revolution? Be a part of it at http://goo.gl/XYv42O

     Dates: 8th,9th Feb
    Cost:                                                                                   For any queries, contact:
    Rs 1250                                                                                Aum Jadhav
                                                                                                 +91 9930055028


  • MagicGlow(Persistence of Vision)

    Thought LED circuits are passé? Think again. First of it’s kind, this workshop introduces you to the world of PoV LED art. Using the principle of Persistence of Vision, learn to create amazing 2D models from a single strip of LEDs. Make amazing designs starting from small shapes  right up to designing your very own clock. 
    Persistence of Vision LED displays are redefining multimedia with its applications in the field of new age advertising, games and may soon even shrink your TV to just a strip of LEDs! Know more and register at http://goo.gl/XYv42O
    Dates: 7th Feb
    Cost:                                                                                   For any queries, contact:
    Rs 850                                                                                  Aum Jadhav
                                                                                                 +91 9930055028
  • AutoNova

    Have you ever wondered how an engine is made or how does it works .

    Quark 2014 brings you the Autonova workshop which is a real treat for students bearing interest in automotive domain. Participants will be introduced to latest technologies of automotive Industry. Experiences of experts working on projects like solar car, hybrid car will be shared with you, so get ready to learn about your favorite car engines and assemble an actual Honda 110cc engine.

    To know more, register for the workshop at http://goo.gl/r5qGrN

     Dates: 7th,8th Feb

    Cost:                                                                  For Any Queries,Contact:

    Rs 1000 (per person)                                         Kunal Konde


  • Biped

    How long are you gonna roll your bot?

    Its time to make your bot walk.This is the ideal place to kick-start your journey into the rapidly developing dimension of robotics and its dynamics.
    This workshop provides you the opportunity to build your own unique biped robot which would bring all the intricacies of Human Motion Dynamics to life. Attend one of a kind BIPED workshop. 1st time in GOA!!!
    1. Internationally recognised certificates validated by Microsoft Developer Studio UG, Science             Park,Korea and AEISEC IIT-Delhi
    2. Get a chance to win an internship worth Rs. 7000/-
    3. Compete in IIT-Delhi and fly to Korea to showcase your talents.
    4. Kit worth Rs 3500/- for free.
    5. Get a live demo of humanoid and 3D printer for free!!
    To register click on http://goo.gl/rggCj5
    Dates: 7th,8th Feb
    COST :                                                                                                             For any Queries,
    Rs 5500                                                                                                            CONTACT:
    Teams of 4 or 5                                                                                               Pradhyumna Bhat
                                                                                                                            +91 8600077283