• Arduino Open

    Description of the event:-

    The event has a total of 2 rounds

    Round 1: Based on serial comm., interfacing of peripherals, applications of Arduino programming. Further details to be declared later.

    Round 2: Based on circuit designing and/or coding for a practical problem statement to be solved using given components within time limits. Implementation of various standard libraries may be needed.

    Rules of participation:-

    • Team shall consist of minimum of 3 participants and maximum of 5.
    • Participants are required to bring their own Arduino boards and laptops with Arduino IDE installed.
    • All the hardware components required would be provided except the Arduino boards.
    • Datasheets and pin diagrams would be provided if necessary.
    • Participants may use the Reference given in Arduino IDE under Menu->Reference.
    • Any violation of rules or mis-handling of equipments would lead to immediate disqualification.
    • Decision of Jury is FINAL and is to be abided by in any case.

     Judging Criteria:-

    Point based system – includes both solution and time taken by teams.

    Every problem statement will carry equal weightage.

    Contact Information:-

    Event Managers

    Shreesh Katyayan (9637277934)

    [email protected]

    Puneet Madaan (9049032473)

    [email protected]


    Panel Head

    Pallavi Nema   (8888964785/ 9969817507)

    [email protected]