• Binary Pirates


    In the game you will be rewarded with coins for solving the question.

    There will be three types of questions -

    ->Treasure questions - This type of questions will have only ONE flag and submission of the correct flag will be rewarded with normal amount of coins.
    -> Trap questions - These questions will have a time limit. If you solve the question within the time limit, 2 questions (instead of one) will be unlocked. If in case you cannot solve the question within the time limit, you will get the negative of the total coins alloted to that question and the next question will be unlocked. If you can submit the flag after the time limit your score for that question will become zero(instead of negative).

    -> Hidden treasure question - This type of questions will have TWO flags. Out of the two, one flag will fetch you more coins than the other. You are allowed to submit only ONE flag.


    This is an online event, so physical presence is not required.(TODO: add incentive for attending quark, like say, a participation certificate if u score above a certain number of points.)

    There will be 2 rounds of the event:

    • Pre-Quark round: A limited number of questions will be opened and the points scored would carry on to the next round. However, the questions will be open for solving in the 2nd round too.
    • Main Event: The full event with all the questions will be open to everyone.


    Abhishek Kumar- 9637017844

    Vishal Kodia – 9637018366