• Bluechip Beatdown

    Round 1
    This round gives the teams an opportunity to be the next Steve Jobs by creating a new product or modifying an existing one. Create an abstract of your product idea with a concise description of the product in about 200-250 words. Keep in mind the target audience, cost efficiency, marketing campaign and present competitors.

    The entries should be mailed to [email protected] by 22nd January 2014.

    On-campus Rounds

    Bonus Round:

    Teams shortlisted for the first round will have an opportunity to rack up on points through this Bonus Quiz on well-known brands and marketing campaigns.

    Round 2:

    Teams will battle it out on the streets of Goa as salesmen to prove their marketing skills. The rules and regulations will be provided on the spot.

    Round 3:

    In this round, the teams will have to give a complete presentation on their idea from Round 1 to a panel of judges. The presentation duration can be 8-10 minutes. It should include the following:

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Detailed Plan
    • Advertisement(whichever mode is required- print/video/audio)

    Team Specifications:

    Minimum: 1 member
    Maximum: 3 members

    For further details, please contact :

    Panel coordinator

    Aashima Monga(+91 9637137806)

    Event Managers
    Aashima Garg (+91 9561133083)
    Kaustav Mohanty (+91 8149143116)