• CALL OF DUTY ( Robo - Race)


    Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. You don’t need hydraulics and rotating crankshafts to dominate here. Respond to the “Call” by a bot powered by mere strength of motors and basic mechanics. Make a simple bot, with basic functionality of movements and power drives through rough terrain, a basic shooting mechanism. Make it simple, but make it worth. Be it sprint, shootout, obstacles or a head to head duel, your soldier has a lot to do at this “Call Of Duty”. Make it run or die trying!!!




    1) Sprint:

    This is a pretty simple event. Your bot needs to sprint through a completely straight track. The less time you take, the more points you make. This event will test the speed of your bot, so it must have suitable power to weight ratio. For this event, your bot needs to be quick enough and should be able to handle rough surfaces as uniformity of the ground will be a crucial factor. Try to retain your battery.


    2) Multi terrain:

    In this event, your bot will have to cross some serious terrain. Make sure that your wires don’t entangle with the terrain and other bots during the event. The terrain may consist of rocky land, oily land, slopes (25-30 degrees), grass, water etc. Make your bot so sturdy that it will be able to pass all such types of terrains. Here is a an idea of what will the terrain look like.

    Hint: you may consider concentrating more on land clearance, tire grip etc.


    3) Loop Shootout:

    Build a shooting mechanism on your robot which can give thrust to a ball to travel across a Hot-Wheels Loop and further to a ramp. The distance travelled on the flight from the ramp will be accounted in for scoring. The cannon projectile will be strictly provided by the event managers and the participants cannot use it of their own. The projectile ball will have approx.40 mm diameters (about the size of TT ball) and weight about 45 to 50 grams. The arena for this event may look like this:

    If the robot goes ahead of the line into the green area, the shot will not be taken into consideration. The arena is provided to get only a general idea. The final arena may have certain changes. The bot must be equipped with a suitable mechanism which should be operated without any significant physical labor for the contestants.


    4) Sumo wrestling:

    In this event, your bot has to fight with a rival bot. This even tests the strength of your bot, fighting here means pushing. Use your bot’s momentum, shooting mechanism, body advantages to push the other bot outside the wrestling arena. The arena will be a circular ground of diameter 125 cm. The bot which gets out of the arena will be eliminated. Battery change will not be allowed during the event. If your bot’s battery dies, then you should be pushed out by the other bot to be eliminated. If both bot’s battery dies, the final decision will be taken by the event managers. No argument will be later entertained.


    5) Holy Plus:

    The event starts with breaking a wall with the momentum of the bot which has some weak areas at certain points. These areas are to be found out by hit and trial method. At the weak points, the wall would be made of thermacol which can be broken easily without special power.. Then there is a big cubicle pit (20*20*20cm) in the bot’s path. The bot pushes a thermacol block kept in its surrounding to fill the pit. The block fits into the pit which makes the path for the robot to continue. Then comes another gate which can be opened by pulling up some weights (For this the bot must have a
    hook so as to attach the rope). Now, the bot goes over wooden horizontal rollers which are free to rotate about their axis. The rollers are close to each other. No bot can fall in between them.. The bot climbs on a slope of 30 degrees which has wax applied with cotton over it (to reduce the friction) at certain areas. They reach a platform with a circle of radius 28cminscribed in it. The robot who reaches there tries to maintain its position. Note that the opponent teams may try to push your bot outside the area. The team which manages to stay for 10secs first is the winner. The game continues for the next positions.
    Please Note: The original arena may differ from the given specifications.(applies to every round)







    1. The time estimated per round is about 4-5 minutes, so choose your battery wisely.

    2. Build your bot wisely, pay special attention towards your bots weight, ground clearance, battery power, tire grip etc. Imagine of what situations your bot is going to face and design it accordingly.
    3. The event managers will not be responsible for any type of damage caused to your bot during the event.
    4. In any given round, the decision of the Judges will be final and binding on all participants.
    5. The length of the wire in case of wired bots should be minimum 6 meters. If it is observed that the bot is controlled by pulling at the control wire, the team would be disqualified.
    6. No weapons are allowed to use in any of the events including Sumo Wrestling and Holy Plus to cause harm to the opponent team.
    7. Use covering for wires protruding out of your bot.8. There is no as such a weight limit for your bot, but extra un-necessary heavy stuff will not be allowed.
    9. Sufficient space will be provided for your bots to move, so that there is no question of wires entangling together. If such happens, required steps will be taken to continue the event.
    10. Bring separate extra batteries with you.
    11. No extra chance will be given if one’s battery dies during the event.
    12. It’s obvious that a two wheeled bot isn’t going to work well in these conditions, just for giving you a hint, make a 4 wheeled bot most preferably.
    13. Terrain doesn’t mean huge mountains or tall walls so a very high tech bot is not needed to complete this task.
    14. You can refer the resources for a cannon shooting mechanism. Your Ideas are most welcomed.
    15. Check the weight of your shooting mechanism. Make your bot more stable so that it would be easy for it to climb slopes.
    16. Don’t forget to enjoy.



    I. The dimension of bot should not exceed 25 X 25 X 25 cm. When all movable/extendable
    parts/weapons are fully compacted so as to occupy minimum space.
    II. Wheel diameter should be in range of 7-10 cm (Preferred).
    *NO Problems if the wheel size differ by 10%.
    III. The bot may be wired / wireless.



    In case of wireless system, it should have a minimum 2-3 frequency remote control circuit or 2 dual
    control circuits or a transmitter-receiver paired module so that frequency interference with
    opponent can be avoided (in case of any interference in the wireless systems, they will not be
    considered for rematch or in the results).
    Remote controls that are readily available in the market may also be used with suitable modification
    if needed.



    The machine can be powered electrically only (onboard batteries). Use of an IC engine in any form is
    not allowed. Batteries must be sealed, immobilized-electrolyte types (such as gel, lithium, li po,
    NiCad, NiMH, dry cells).



    Minimum Members: 1
    Maximum Members: 4







    In case of any queries or clarifications u can contact us..

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