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    The world is riddled with problems to which solutions are infinite. In today’s twenty first century, we are going green trying to make mother earth a greener and better place for our future, which can only be achieved by green solutions. Here at My Green Idea we are providing u the platform for it.

    This year we have 5 important areas
    Transportation or Traffic Control
     Town planning
     Energy generation and conservation
    Reduction of resource wastage
    So  tackle  a problem in the following categories and  come up with a suitable solution for the problem . Rattle your green knowledge and fuse it with the technical expertise and give us your “Green Idea”.


    Introduction: Management of transport has become the most difficult job. With the increasing population the number vehicles on road has tremendously increased. Traffic management these days requires a whole new perspective. Interesting and logical approach can help us build a more efficient and people friendly transportation system.

    Problem Statement: Design an efficient traffic management system that can help the society or your campus. For example: An efficient parking system which allows maximum number of vehicles during the peak hour of traffic and is completely coordinated by machines. (just an idea).



    Introduction: Pollution management has been the most challenging issues handled by man till date. Even though government has defined norms on the adequate emission of toxic gases, still pollution proves to be the most harmful element causing damage to the environment.

    Problem statement: Come up with an idea which can reduce pollution to bare minimum and does not prove to be harmful for the environment. For example: Pollution checking devices installed at check posts which can automatically detect pollution emission. Similar to speed detection cameras.


    Energy generation and conservation

    Introduction: With energy crisis at peak levels, conserving the energy produced by improving the design of the present day electrical/ mechanical equipment is also necessary to ensure the efficient use of the resources. Also; the thought of resources like coal, solar cells etc. being the only energy sources is just going to be proven wrong.

    Problem Statement: Teams are required to come up with innovative and efficient solutions which aid in improving the energy efficiency of electrical & mechanical equipment.


    Town Planning

    Introduction: With rampant urbanization comes the massive problem of designing our cities inclusively as well as on the cusp of technology. As of today our existing mega cities are facing extreme population explosion and scarcity of basic resources and amenities like water, electricity, open and green spaces as well as sewage systems.

    Problem Statement: Teams are required to come up with efficient design that takes into consideration eco-friendly measures etc. and yet is cutting Efficient sewage treatment processes, mass transportation, infrastructure, and efficient traffic handling systems.


    Reduction of Resource Wastage

    Introduction: As of today millions of tonnes of perfectly usable items get wasted due to many factors such as inefficient distribution and storage facilities. Food waste has been identified as a considerable problem and has been the subject of ongoing media attention. For example hundreds of tonnes of crops are left to rot every year while millions go hungry.

    Problem Statement: Teams have to devise processes and methods by which such wastage can be reduced substantially and these resources can be uniformly distributed to one and all. eg. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling the waste.


    Round 1:
    The participants have to submit the abstract of the idea. The shortlisted teams will be asked to present their idea in front of our panel of judges
    Round 2:
    The participants present their idea during Quark 2014.
    Round 3:Question and Answer Round


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