There are 3 rounds in this event. Theelimination round or Round-1. The Rapid O Relay or Round-2. The final round or Round-3 is The Limit Point.






    1. Each question may have one or more than one right option.
    2. Circle the right option(s) for multiple choice questions.
    3. Write the answers for rest of the questions in the space provided for answer.
    4. Every wrong answer will be penalized with half the question’s weightage.



    1. This is a relay round where the participants will be tested on their speed and accuracy on how to tackle problems of day to day mathematics.
    2. There is NO negative marking in this round.


    1. There are three comprehensions involved; the weightage per comprehension has been indicated.
    2. . The bonus questions (if any) will be evaluated only if the mandatory questions for the corresponding comprehension are correct.
    3. There is NO Negative marking in this round.





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