• Paper Presentation


    Paper Presentation contest held as part of Quark attracts some of the best minds from all over the country. Participants are invited to present papers spanning various research topics pertaining to the different branches of engineering and science.

    General Rules:

    Round 1:

    • Online submission of synopsis.
    • The synopsis must be formatted in IEEE ONE COLUMN FORMAT.
    • The Synopsis must contain:
    1. Abstract
    2. Problem definition
    3. Solution of the problem defined
    4. Results and discussion
    5. Practical application
    6. Summary
    • Last date of submission of synopsis is 24th January, 2014.
    • Participants are required to send their submissions at [email protected] via email.
    • Abstracts must be in pdf format only.
    • The synopsis should not contain more than 5 pages.
    • Text font should be Times New Roman, point size 12, single spacing and all headings of point size 14.
    • Abstract must contain the participants names along with category code(mentioned in square brackets beside category).
    • Maximum no. of team-mates is 3.
    • Most important of all: Any form of plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification.

    Owing to overwhelming response and requests we have extended the final day for abstract submission to 26th January 2014 by 12:00 PM.

    Those whose papers have been selected for the final round shall be informed by email within a day of the deadline.

    Round 2:

    • Teams selected on the basis of the first round will have to give their presentation in Quark 2014.
    • Those who are selected for the final round are required to send us a mail at [email protected] by 7 days of declaration of the result. The mail should consist of the following things :
    1. Acknowledgement that you are aware of you being selected.
    2. Details of all the team members: Names, Departments, Phone numbers, College, etc. Please try to put them in a proper tabular format for our convenience.
    3. Image of travel ticket bearing above names.
    4. The final paper must be formatted in IEEE ONE COLUMN FORMAT.
    5. Please mail the final paper at [email protected] with your team id in the subject. Submitting full paper
      is crucial to confirm your participation in final round .
    6. For the final round the participants will have to give their presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    7. Only picture clippings and graphs may be used.
    8. Recorded dialogues or movie clippings are not allowed.
    9. Computer for presentation will be provided by us.The teams will get 9 minutes to present their idea. They will then have 1 minute to wind up.
    10. This will be followed by a question and answer session by judges and/or students attending the ppt for 3 minutes duration. 15% marks will be deducted for every minute exceeded after 10 minutes.
    11. The decision of the judges and the organizers shall be final and binding.


    Categories with suggested topics:

    •  Computer Science [CS]
    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Graph Theory
    3. Computational Complexity and Language
    4. Computer Science and Game Theory
    5.  Cryptography and Security
    6. Data Structures and Algorithms
    7. Discrete Mathematics
    8. Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing
    9. Formal Languages and Automata Theory
    10. Computer Graphics
    11. Human-Computer Interaction
    12. Information Retrieval
    13. Multimedia
    14. Neural and Evolutionary Computing
    15. Operating Systems
    16. Compiler and Programming Languages
    17. Robotics
    18. Social and Information Networks
    19. Internet measurement and modelling
    20. Wireless networks
    21. Mesh, ad hoc and sensor networks
    22. Peer-to-peer, overlay and content distribution networks
    23. Online social networks
    24. Power and energy efficient architectures
    25. Processor,memory,interconnect,and storage architectures
    • Chemical [CHE]
    1. Multi-phase Flow and Complex Fluids
    2. Polymer Science, Advance Materials and Membranes
    3. Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering
    4. Bio-fuels and Bioengineering
    5. Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy
    6. Process Control and Optimization
    7. Environmental Engineering and Interfacial Phenomena
    8. Thermodynamics, Molecular Simulation and Nano Sciences
    9. Chemometrics
    10. Inventory and Flow Control in Complex Process Networks
    11. Natural and Fabricated Nano-materials
    12. Sustainable Energy Systems
    13. Mass Transfer and Separations
    14. Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    15. Product and Process Systems Engineering
    16. Novel Reactors
    17. Manufacturing Science: Behaviour and Structure of Polymers and Ceramics
    18. Interfacial Science and Engineering
    19. Microscopic Analysis of Solids Handling
    20. Water resources and Management
    21. New Modelling Tools
    22. Lab on a Chip
    • Electronics and Electrical [EEE]
    1. Soft Computing Techniques: Microprocessor and their application
    2. Robotics and Automation
    3. Fuzzy Control Techniques
    4. Green Power: Alternate Energy Sources
    5. Wireless Communication Techniques
    6. Embedded Systems Design
    7. VLSI design
    8. Power Systems Analysis
    9. Power Markets
    10. Power Electronics and Drives
    • Mechanical [ME]
    1.  Mechatronics
    2.  Automobile Engineering and Design
    3.  Computational Fluid Dynamics & Finite Element Analysis
    4.  Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing
    5.  Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    6.  Microprocessor Based IC Engines/ Camless Engines
    7.  Total Quality Management
    8.  Genetic Algorithms in Machine Design
    9.  Aerodynamics
    10.  Plastic and Composite Manufacturing
    11.  Manufacturing Technology Management
    12. Nano manufacturing
    13.  MEMS


    In case of any doubts please contact:

    CS  - Saransh Varshneya  [email protected]    +919561420416

    CHE - Abhishek Patria  [email protected]    +9196373994974

    EEE - Vamsi Kaja [email protected]      +919767929331

    ME - Tanay Choudhary [email protected]       +919604436266