• Quest

    ROUND 1

    This round tests the creativity, innovation and originality of applicants in developing a new product for an audience of their choice in the sectors provided by Corporate panel. . A write up describing the details of the product designed by applicants, their chosen sector and target customer group has to be submitted to [email protected] by 22nd January 2014.

    The choices of sectors for applicants are-

    •     RE-STARTUPS
    •     SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (addressing problems of the people in the society)

    To participate in this competition,participants have to send a write up containing the following-

    • Brief description of the product
    • Target customer (market analysis)
    • Revenue and sales strategy

    Word Limit- 700-800 words

    ROUND 2


    ROUND 2 Format

    Round 2 of Quest will be a trading game ,divided into 2 phases. Winners will be declared at the end of second phase only. No elimination will be done after the first phase.

    The ultimate goal of this round is to make product Z or Z* or Z** or Z*** at the end of phase 2. Each of these products has to go through all the 3 units described below before it can be sold to CEL. The 2 phases in this round are -

    PHASE 1

    Bidding phase

    Each team will have an initial capital to bid for four resources necessary to make their products.The four sub-units will be further sub-divided on the basis of quality.

    PHASE 2

    Product making and selling

    Bidding phase will be followed by the product making and selling phase. In this phase, the teams have to use the resources they have with them to make their products and sell it to CEL.

    A minimum of three resources will be required to make a particular product. The teams will have to trade with each other so as to have all three resources required to make their product.

    The prices at which teams can make a product by investing are subject to negotiation between teams. The maximum and minimum prices for each unit function will be told to the teams before the start of PHASE 2.

    After selling products to CEL, teams will get that much more capital depending on number of products they sell. Then again the same process of negotiating and selling will continue.

    The total capital at the end of half hour for each team will be calculated to decide the winner teams who will qualify to 3rd round of Quest.

    ROUND 3

    • ELEVATOR PITCH (2min 11sec max)

    The teams which clear the 2nd round will take part in the final round of quest, which is the presentation round. At the starting each team will be given a limited time frame of 2 min 11 sec to pitch their idea in front of the V.C. this will be followed by a detailed presentation of their business model. The participants will be judged on the basis of their performance in elevator pitch as well as the presentation.

    Team Specifications:

    Minimum: 1 member
    Maximum: 4 members

    For further details, please contact:

    Panel coordinator

    Aashima Monga(+91 9637137806)

    Event Managers

    Abeer Om (+91 9763555285)

    Malhar Patil (+91 8806826888)