• VIRTUA WARS ( Concept Robotics)

    Remember being fascinated by the robots in “Transformers” and “Mobile Suit Gun dam”?? Ever felt like designing your own humanoid?? Well then this is the perfect opportunity for you to let your imagination and creativity run wild and design the bot of your dreams. VIRTUAWARS aims at designing robots meant for war purposes using MAYA.




    The contest will have two rounds. Round 1 will be a sketching round and Round 2 will be 3D modeling using MAYA. The theme for the bots will be declared one day prior to Round 1.



    The participants are supposed to make a sketch of the robot they have designed and explain its working in detail. The rules are as follows:

    • A detailed sketch of the external design of the robot is to be made.
    • The sketch can be either digital or hand drawn. The participants can make line art or a colored sketch as per their choice.
    • The sketch should contain the front view top view and side view of the bot.
    • The sketch should be proportionate to the bot designed by the participants.The real life dimensions of the bot should be specified in the sketch.
    • The time limit for completion of the sketch is 3 hours.
    • After the sketching part the participants will then be given 20 minutes in which they will have to explain the interior structure and working of the robot including mechatronics behind it. A proper presentation using slides should be prepared.
    • The design of the bot should be based on the technology currently available and its real time production should be possible. The design should not look like a work of science fiction.


    The judging criteria is as follows:

    • Originality, creativity and neatness of the design.
    • Digital sketches will be given more preference than hand drawn sketches.
    • Feasibility of the design.
    • The efficiency of the robotics and mechanics used in the design.
    • Closeness of the design to the ideal robot that can be made for the given theme.




     The participants are supposed to make a 3D model of the bot they have designed. The rules are as follows:

    • The 3D model should be as close as possible to the sketch made in round 1.
    • The model should be made using only Autodesk Maya. We cannot accept entries made using other programs. We have taken this decision in order to create a balance between establishing some consistency between entries, while at the same time allowing for some diversity.
    • The Autodesk Maya version should preferably be 2012 or 2013.
    • Participants are not allowed to import any pre-existing models.
    • We reserve the right to reject any entry which, in our view, contains inappropriate material
    • Participants should not use any inbuilt paint effects.
    • The time limit for completion of the model is 5 hours.


    The judging criteria is as follows:

    • Originality, creativity and neatness of the model.
    • Detailing of the model.
    • Closeness of 3D model to the sketch made in round 1.
    •  Proper texturing of the robot will earn some extra points.
    • The model will only be considered for judging if submitted within the time span mentioned above.
    • The model should be to scale.




    • Students enrolled in any undergraduate/postgraduate program in the same recognized institute are allowed.

    • Team strength should not exceed 4.




    • The design for the bot should be original and not copied from any source. Any sort of copying shall lead to immediate disqualification.
    • The participating team MUST necessarily register themselves on the event website. Each team member should register.
    • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. The teams must not damage their fellow participants’ sketch or 3D model in any way. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehavior.
    • Judges’ decision shall be final and binding on all.
    • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be notified to the registered participants.



    For any queries contact:

    Eejya Singh | 9405138222

    Rohit Ranavat | 7666196367

    Sanika Kharkar | 9869482214

    Dipanshu Awasthi | 8149189388 |[email protected]