• G20 Conference

    The event will be conducted in two phases:

    Our Model G20 Summit is an open event in the sense that the delegates representing a same country can be from different colleges as well. The participants can either register themselves as a team or as an individual based on their discretion. They will be required to fill the application forms accordingly.

    Each delegation representing a participating Country will be consisting of three members: Head of the State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance.

    There will be a host country which will be selected prior to the invitation for applications. The other 19 countries participating (excluding the European Union):

    G8 countries: Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, the UK, Italy and France. Emerging Countries: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, South Korea, India, Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands.

    The General Secretary of the UN, the Directors of the IMF, the World Bank (IBIRD) and the WTO will head the Chairpersons committee.

    The detailed event description and registration can be done on

    The event deadlines and details are given on the G20 website.

    We also welcome team registrations. In this case, only one member of the team needs to fill the form and the details of the other team mates( with council preference) should be mailed to [email protected]