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This event is the first of its kind. This is mainly targeted towards people who are just beginning to explore the fascinating field of robotics. We understand that image processing and Robo-Kombat may be overwhelming for some people, especially freshers.

Hence, we have designed an event which cuts through the technicalities just to get the kicks of robotics.
Just build a basic robot to complete a series of simple tasks. Power on. Get. Set. Go!

Keep it simple, silly!


Mission Objective

Infiltrate enemy’s city to occupy a strategic position which will help strengthen your country’s position in this ‘War of the Worlds’.

Mission Briefing

Enemy lies to the north of the Dakotan range. At 0500 hrs, you will board the X-86, which will drop you 10 km south of the ranges covered with thick forest, so as to avoid enemy’s attention.

Your first task is to cross the mountain range and get to the enemy’s land. The area has a rocky river passing through it. There is also an evidence of an abandoned oil well 5 km east of your dropping zone. Once on enemy’s land, you need to take out enemy troops. These can be taken down using the ‘cannon’ launcher, you have with you. (Download this doc, and check out the resources)

There are certain weak links in the wall surrounding the wall which can be broken down to enter Heart of the city. Remember that there are other competing nations also keen on landing their hands on this strategic piece of land. So you may very well have to battle out other troops in one to one combat. Once the security has been breached, you will be required to solve some riddles to unlock the main door which leads to the castle. The area is secured once the castle is captured.


Deadline Extended for Abstract Submission : 10th January, 2013

Kindly download the Problem Statement, Resources and Guidelines for Abstract Submission here.



Design a simple wired/wireless, manually controlled robot that is capable of completing a variety of simple tasks. 

Size  :  Maximum of 25 x 25 x 25 (in cm) 



Pass through all the checkpoints. Can’t be clearer than this!
Criteria - Maneuverability


Grass, sand, oil, steps, incline, stones. (Think Monster Truck!)
Criteria - Design of the drive

Sumo Wrestling

Two bots. Push the other bot outside the demarcated arena.
Criteria - Technique

Penalty Shot

Build cannon to shoot down targets at a distance of about 50 cm. The ‘cannon projectile’ will be provided by the Event Managers. (Eg : TT ball dimensions) It is sufficient to touch the targets with the ‘projectile’. Refer to Resources for ideas on some easily implementable mechanism. (Shooting or kicking mechanism)
Criteria: Design of the shooting mechanism

Holy Plus

4 bots entering the arena simultaneously from the 4 corners. Your task is to capture the ‘throne’ and stay on it for at least 10 seconds.
Criteria – Strategy


As you know that a battlefield is full of surprises, you might not know which situation you will end up with. The same way, surprise challenges will be added in your path and you have to face them. No extra mechanism other than specified will be required.

A round may consist of all or some of the above mentioned events in any particular order. This is up to the discretion of the Event Managers and will be revealed just prior to the event. So also, the Judging criteria for every round will be revealed during the event.


*Subject to change.



  1. The time estimated per round is about 4-5 minutes, so choose your battery wisely.

  2. Build your bot wisely, pay special attention towards your bot’s weight, ground clearance, battery power, tire grip etc. Imagine of what situations your bot is going to face and design it accordingly.

  3. The event managers will not be responsible for any type of damage caused to your bot during the event.

  4. In any given round, the decision of the Judges will be final and binding on all participants.


  1. The dimension of bot should not exceed 25 X 25 X 25 cm. When all movable/extendable parts / weapons are fully compacted so as to occupy minimum space.

  2. Wheel diameter should be in the range of 7-10 cm.( we prefer)

    No problem if the wheel size differs by 10%. 

  3. The bot may be wired/ wireless.

  4. Refer to the sources in the .zip file for more information regarding rules and regulations. 


  1. In case of wireless system, it should have a minimum two / three frequency remote control circuit or two dual control circuits or a transmitter-receiver paired module so that the frequency interferences with opponent team can be avoided (in case of any interference in the wireless systems, they will not be considered for rematch or in the results).

  2. Remote controls that are readily available in the market may also be used with suitable modifications if needed.


The machine can be powered electrically only. Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed. Batteries must be sealed, immobilized- electrolyte types (such as gel cells, lithium, NiCad, NiMH, or dry cells).

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria


Round 1- Multiterrain (on time basis).

Round 2- Penalty shootout ( on no. of goals).

Round 3-Sumo Wrestling (direct matches).

Round 4- Holy Plus- (one to onematch).



This event is designed to be a simple obstacle course event. The event can be mainly divided into two tasks :

  1. Designing a Cannon Shooting mechanism.

  2. Building a bot capable of traversing a multi-terrain field.

Download all the necessary files here.


Some Advanced Shooting Mechanisms

Basic Cannon Shooting Mechanisms :




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