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Build. Behold. BANNG!!!

Mortar Kombat –a cannon making event, for the first time in India!! This event gives you a chance to make a gun with help of clean fuel- the compressed air as well as the good old combustion techniques. Making a gun was never this easy. Check the resources section for more help. Feel free to contact us any time if you have any queries or difficulties.

The enemy camps across the border have been troubling you for a long time and it’s time to drive them out. So build a cannon that will wreck havoc in the enemy camp. Blast the enemy camps with the amazing firepower you have! War is upon us!!! 

Making a gun was always a thing of interest for all of us. But our parents or the environment has always been hostile for it. It’s time to feel free and let your creativity fire out of you!


NEW !!!

1.How to make a spud gun ? -sample

2. Arena of final round. Check event details..

3. Internal Ballastics of a spud gun


Problem Statement and cannon specifications:

Build cannon (spud gun) using either of the following principles:

a) Powered by Pneumatics (compressed air). Maximum allowed pressure is 4bar or 60psi.

An Air compressor and electricity connection would be provided at the event.

b) Powered by Combustion..  The volume of combustion chamber should be less than 2000cc. check the fuel section for more details regarding allowed fuels.



Teams should bring their own projectiles. Max. Weight of projectile shouldn’t exceed 80gm. Please note that the projectile should not be hard e.g.  Golf ball, wooden ball etc. tennis ball is allowed. If at all customized projectiles are made e.g. clay/plaster of Paris etc ball they must be wrapped in sufficiently thick cloth before firing. (Hint: the cloth also provides necessary packing in the gun barrel.)
Make sure you have enough number of projectiles (30-40 no.) if they are destructible.

Note: There is no restriction on barrel length as well as barrel diameter.

In case of combustion based spud guns, Fuels in liquid and gaseous states are allowed. Solid fuels such as gun powder or crackers are not allowed.

Event  details:

Event will consist of two rounds and a grand finale.
There would also be a 'fun round' in which participants can win goodies on the spot!

Round 1-
In the first round, teams would be judged by the maximum firing range of their weapon.

Round 2-
The second round is devoted in checking accuracy of the gun. The arena is set up as shown in the diagram.
The participants would be paired up in this round. One of teams will tell the target box (rectangle made by strings tied between the poles in the arena) and the other has to fire at it.

There would be two 7m high poles 10m apart. The vertical area between them would be divided into eight parts with help of clearly visible strings.  Height of top three sections is 1.5m each. One of the teams in a pair has to point out the block through which the other team has to shoot the projectile.
The participants will fire the projectile from a distance of 30m from the poles.(square shown in fig.)

Note:  If it is found that range of spud guns of participants are too less then this distance will be taken as approx 55-60% of the avg. range of participants’ guns.

Final round:
The arena for final round will be as follows. More details will be revealed soon.


General Rules:


The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehaviour.

Judging Criteria/Scoring system will be final.

The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules if any will be highlighted in the website and will be notified to the registered participants.

The teams violating any of the rules mentioned above will be disqualified.



Certification Policy:


Top 3 Teams will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

Rest all teams will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria

The points will be awarded in following manner :

Round 1:

The participant would get points equal to the range of their gun in metres. (Least count 1m)

Round 2:

If the participant hits the exact  rectangular area , 100 points will be awarded.

If the participant hits the rectangle at the same level but at the side of the given rectangular area,70 points would be awarded.

If the participant hits the rectangle below/above the given rectangle, 40 points would be awarded.

Note: The bottom most two rectangles are not considered for evaluation.

Round 3:

Points for hitting the structures are as follows.

Dam - 50 points

Warehouse - 50 points

Ammunitions Depot - 70 points

Communications Center - 100 points

Headquarters - 150 points

The judges’ decision would be the last decision. Everyone should keep sporting spirit. The aim of the game is to learn ballistics of a cannon and implement it practically for enjoyment.


Making a combustion spud gun-sample

For pneumatic canon and related parts/materials:

Generally solenoid valves are used for releasing the pressure from tank to the barrel. For example: 2/2 solenoid valve. They are activated by electrical signal. Check the above Wikipedia page for more information of various valves.

For combustion cannon and related parts/materials:

For Fuels-

Deodorants, hair sprays, WD-40(anti rust spray) are easily available highly flammable aerosol fuels.

(While using deodorant do not forget to check the water percentage in it. )


  For sparking:

Kitchen Gas Lighter, BBQ lighter, flint wheel lighter used in cigarette lighter etc are good sparking agents.

General tips:

Wet cloth ball/filled socks are nice projectiles.

For combustion based guns, volume of fresh air available for combustion is important part. Do not spray too much fuel. Remember one thing less is more. Keep mechanism for recycling the air in combustion chamber after one shot.

Barrel length of cannon affects a lot on its range. Optimize it.


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