• Mortar Kombat - Get Ready to go Ballistic


    Problem Statement

    Build cannon (spud gun) using either of the following principles:

    a) Powered by Pneumatics (compressed air). Maximum allowed pressure is 4bar or 60psi.

    b) Powered by Combustion..  The volume of combustion chamber should be less than 2000cc. check the fuel section for more details regarding allowed fuels.


    Teams should bring their own projectiles. Max. Weight of projectile shouldn’t exceed 80gm. Please note that the projectile should not be hard like Golf ball, wooden ball etc. Tennis ball is allowed. If at all customized projectiles are made e.g. clay/plaster of Paris etc ball they must be wrapped in sufficiently thick cloth before firing. (Hint: the cloth also provides necessary packing in the gun barrel.)

    Make sure you have enough number of projectiles (30-40 no.) if they are destructible.

    Note: There is no restriction on barrel length as well as barrel diameter.


    In case of combustion based spud guns, Fuels in liquid and gaseous states are allowed. Solid fuels such as gun powder or crackers are not allowed.

    Team Specifications:

    Minimum : 2 members
    Maximum : 5 members


    Event  details

    Qualifying round(pre competition)All the participants will be given three shots to clear a range barrier. All teams who clear the range are qualified for further competition. No points are awarded(This round is just to check the range of spud guns). Also proper dimensions will be checked in order to qualify for the main competition.

    Round 1(Bulls Eye): The participants will be given 2 or 3 minutes to fire at the bull’s eye of the target. There is no limit to number of shots. The fastest shooting and accurate cannons will have edge in this round. Top 8 teams will progress to next round.

    Marking scheme: 100 points will be awarded for bulls eye, 80 inside first ring and so on..

    Round 2(Relay shots): The participants will have to cover a distance of about 800 metres while shooting the projectile. The landing point of first projectile will be the starting point of next and so on. The projectiles will be provided to the participants for this round only due to safety issues. Teams are required to cover the distance in least possible number of shots in least possible time. Top 4 teams enter final round.

    Marking scheme: Each team will be awarded 800 points at the start of this round and 100 points will be deducted after every shot. Also, total time(seconds) taken to cover the distance will be recorded and subtracted from total score.

    Round 3(Final round): The participants will be given certain tasks testing accuracy and reliability of their cannons. Exact nature is not disclosed. Winning this round will require understanding the concepts of spud guns and also on the spot strategy making of participants.

    note: round 1(bulls eye) will be conducted at night. Participants can equip their spudguns with laser pointers for better aiming of the targets at night events.Even the final round or any other round can be conducted at night during the event.So participants are advised to install some efficient aiming mechanism to their cannons.

    RULES :

    The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehaviour.

    Judging Criteria/Scoring system will be final.

    The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules if any will be highlighted in the website and will be notified to the registered participants.

    The teams violating any of the rules mentioned above will be disqualified.

    Abstract Submission :

    1. All the participants need to submit an abstract on their spudguns(cannons). The abstracts have to be mailed to mortarkombat[email protected]  before 25th January 2014.
    2. The abstract should be submitted as a Word file (.doc/.docx) or a PDF file (.pdf) only.
    3. The file should be named as <Team name_mortarkombat>
    4. The abstract should contain the following details:
    •   Name, e-mail address, contact number and name of college of Team Leader with leader’s name.
    • Name, e-mail address, contact number, and name of college of all other members including their names.
    • Type of cannon(combustion or pneumatic) and Materials used.
    • Fuel and projectiles to be used.
    • A brief describtion on construction and working of your cannon(about 150 words).
    • Photographs can also be included in your abstract.



    Resources :

    Making a combustion spud gun-sample


    For pneumatic canon and related parts/materials:

    Generally solenoid valves are used for releasing the pressure from tank to the barrel. For example: 2/2 solenoid valve. They are activated by electrical signal. Check the above Wikipedia page for more information of various valves.


    For combustion cannon and related parts/materials:

    For Fuels

    Deodorants, hair sprays, WD-40(anti rust spray) are easily available highly flammable aerosol fuels.

    (While using deodorant do not forget to check the water percentage in it. )


    For sparking:

    Kitchen Gas Lighter, BBQ lighter, flint wheel lighter used in cigarette lighter etc are good sparking agents.

    General tips:

    Wet cloth ball/filled socks are nice projectiles.

    For combustion based guns, volume of fresh air available for combustion is important part. Do not spray too much fuel. Remember one thing less is more. Keep mechanism for recycling the air in combustion chamber after one shot.

    Barrel length of cannon affects a lot on its range. Optimize it


    Event Managers 

    Sanchit Aggarwal  |  [email protected] |  91+ 9158732687

    Amit Gaiki | [email protected] | +91 7303736274