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Certification Policy



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Abstract Submission date extended to 25th Jan. Sample Problem uploaded on resource page.

Sim City

This event has been brought to you by:

Competition Information

The competition will comprise of two rounds:

Round 1 - On the Spot Competition:

  1. Here participants will be given a problem statement based on LabVIEW. This is a time based round.
  2. The Competition will involve both making and completing simulations using LabVIEW software.
  3. Sample Problem uploaded.
  4. Visit the SimCity resource page to download the sample Problems and reference manuals.

Model Presentation:

  1. Here Participants have to show there working models/simulations based on LabVIEW.
  2. Teams will be given a 10 minute time period prior to model presentation at the venue to connect and test the model. Here participants can do necessary changes to their code, hardware etc.
  3. During model presentation, Please note that your model must be functional throughout this time period, any repairs or additions will not be permitted. This will be a judging session.
  4. All teams are supposed to bring their own equipment to set up and present their models. No requests to the event managers shall be entertained in this regard.
  5. The entire model must be accommodated on a table of size 2 ft X 4 ft. No additional space will be provided for the circuit placement.

Abstract Details:

  1. All teams will have to submit an abstract of their model, not exceeding 1000 words explaining their model, by 15th January 2008. The abstract can be in doc/txt/pdf format and should be renamed as SSXXXX.ext, where XXXX stands for the registration number of the participants and ext id the extension of the file.
  2. This abstract will be used for short listing teams for model presentation round. The abstract should clearly mention the required hardware.
  3. The teams whose abstract are selected will be contacted soon and they will be asked to send the video of there working model/simulation.
  4. This abstract will be used for short listing teams for availing accommodation at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus during QUARK '08. BITS will not be responsible for any email bounces. Upon successful receipt of the mail, an acknowledgement mail will be sent to the participant. These details will remain confidential with QUARK '08, and will not be shared without the consent of the participant.

General Rules:

  • Each participating team can comprise of a maximum of 3 members.
  • The model has to be made by the participants before the event. They may use any hardware but use of any part of any readymade circuit is not allowed.
  • Use of personal laptops for on the spot competition is not permitted. Only the computers made available to the participants by the organizers will be permitted for use. Participants may use their laptop during model presentation. Hardware installation setups will NOT be provided in any case.

Software and Hardware to be provided:

  • For on the spot competition, computers with the software LabVIEW installed will be provided.
  • For the model presentation round, ELVIS kits, DAQ cards, PCI cards and so on will be provided.

Judging Criteria

  • Algorithm used by the teams
  • Use of LabVIEW and related hardware.
  • Overall user friendliness of the device

Special Prize
All 20 teams who are short listed for the model presentation will get student edition of LabVIEW.


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.

Special Note

  • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants.

Event Managers

Ashish Sethi
(+91 9923490602)

Mustafa Safdari
(+91 9823791394)


[email protected]

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