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Engineering Medication!!!

India, a leading global market for health care products is an important resource in research and development for technological advancements to lead medical science to new horizons.
MEDIVISTA is an endeavor to nurture the ideas of budding entrepreneurial engineers who have the vision to innovate the solutions of the present medical problems. Mentors from Industry,Bio-medical research scholars and scientists will guide through the journey towards advancement.

Problem Statements

  • MEDICAL ROBOTICS – mechanical and computers/electronics engineering

    The task is to create a flexible tube with any robotic-type fixture on the end that can perform a suturing or surgical stapling operation.
    The challenge behind is developing a mechanism that could be deployed in minimally invasive surgery so that the small “wrist” on the end of the tube,can do the wound closure instead of surgeon,or quickly seal a blood vessel if it is accidentally cut.

    To test the system ,you will have to perform a “suturing” by inserting your tool into a 1ftx 1ft box that has holes in it to simulate the holes made in surgery. A tube – that simulates a blood vessel will be suspended in the box, and your tool must be able to perform stitching operation on that vessel.

  • MEDICAL IMAGING – computer and electronics engineering

    The task is to devise format-specific image compression scheme to compress radiological images like X-Ray,ECG,MRI and CT scans etc. for quicker viewing,better transmission and proper storage.

  • SMART CRAFT – chemical and polymer engineering

    Grafting is transferring tissues from a healthier part of the body to injured part for reconstruction.
    The task is to make a tube that is 4Fr-7Fr with a wall thickness of 0.005-0.0 inches that has tubes inside – that are coated with certain growth factors like VEGF - Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, BDNF – Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, NGF – Nerve Growth Factor. It may be used as a scaffold to be used to grow nerves and blood vessels.

Rules And Regulations

  • A team may consist of 2-4 members,interdisciplinary and inter-college teams are allowed.
  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in Medivista at QUARK'08.
  • First Round - Teams are requested to submit an abstract either as a .doc or .pdf document for feedback from mentors.
  • Final Round – Teams must submit a technical report and preferably build a prototype.


Pranav Kachhawa
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