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Event - Imagine

A PRO-E based designing event.

Pro-E Wildfire 3.0 is the latest buzz in CAD/CAM industry. Be it solid modeling, mould designing, machining sequences or sheet metal working, Pro-E is the answer to all. The need of the hour says that every mechanical engineer aspiring to make a career in designing industry, should be an expert at Pro-E, and this event aims at testing your skill at it.

Prizes worth Rs 15000 up for grabs for this event. Make the most of this opportunity and register now!


  • There will be two rounds.
  • Both rounds are designed to check the innovation, aesthetics, analysis (technical aspects) and practicality of the product.
  • 1st round will be an elimination round, where contestants will be given a problem statement on website and they will be have to send the solutions to the event managers.
  • 2nd round will be on-campus, where contestants will be asked to solve a design related problem which will be either uploaded on the website or will be given on the spot.


  • Maximum 3 participants per each team.

Round 1

  • A problem statement will be uploaded on website on 1st December.
  • Contestants will be required to send us the solution by 15th January.
  • Results will be declared on 16th January.
  • The animation and path files have to be mailed [email protected]

     Problem Statement Round 1

Round 2

  • This round will be on-campus.
  • Details regarding problem statement will be intimated after the results of the Round 1.

Help Desk


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.

Special Note

  • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants.

Event Managers

G. V. Pardhasardhi
(+91 9923249712)

Akhil Singhal
(+91 9823259894)

[email protected]

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