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The Business Quiz

A quiz that delves deep into the world of business with questions ranging from brand logos and origins to histories of companies, big names in the corporate world, latest events in the world of commerce and a lot more… Anything you read in a business magazine or magazine could figure here.  A quality quiz for business enthusiasts.


  • Open to all colleges participating in Quark-08
  • Teams of 3 members each
  • On-the-spot registration before the event
  • Unlimited number of teams can participate in the quiz
  • There will be a preliminary round to select the best six teams from among all the participating teams.
  • The preliminary round will be followed by a final round where the top six teams battle it out for the honours
  • The top 3 teams in the final will be awarded prizes

Event Managers

Anand Ramachandran
(+91 9823981700)

[email protected]



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