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Rubiks Cube Workshop

The Rubik’s cube has around 40 quintillion (10 18) combinations among which only one is correct!!! Truly it’s a multi-color monster!!!

The Rubik’s Cube workshop aims at presenting an easiest and intuitive way of solving the mind boggling puzzle. The presentation will contain graphical examples and illustrations of various moves of the cube, and finally give an easy way to solve it. Also a Rubik’s Cube software, which is 3D simulation of the cube, will be used for demonstration and tutorial.



Get a free rubiks cube


  • None


  • Tutorial on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube (Layer by Layer method)
  • Demonstration of various patterns on a Rubik’s cube
  • A brief note on speed cubing

Some FAQs :

  • Do I need to bring my own cube for the workshop?
    No, each one attending the workshop will be given a cube, so no need of getting a cube.
  • Do I need to have a very good memory to remember the algorithms?
    No. We will try and keep the need to memorize algorithms as less as possible and rather focus on the logic behind the solution.
  • What about registration?
    The registration is on the spot. However there is a limitation on the no. of registered participants. So all those participants who couldn’t be registered can get their own Rubik’s Cubes and join the workshop.


Participants with a valid identity card of their respective institute are eligible to participate in Rubiks Cube workshop of QUARK’08.

Short listing

  • There are limited no.of seats and participants will be shortlisted for the workshop on first cum first serve basis.
  • The registrations will be held half an hour before the workshop.

Team size

  • Participants must register individually to attend the workshop.

Payment details

Registrations will be accepted individual form only.
A nominal fee will be charged for the workshop which will be told on the spot.

This cost includes:-
--cost of the training program
--cost of 1 Rubiks cube per person


  • Prior registration is NOT required to attend this workshop.
  • Organizing committee holds the right to change the above rules as and when required.


Eeshan Thakar
(+91 9923075134)

Starakjeet Nayak
(+91 9823792071)




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