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Reuters Workshop

Reuters is a global information company providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets.

Amidst the frantic technical extravaganza of Quark’08, we are proud to have a day-long workshop covering several topics in finance of genuine interest being conducted by Reuters, with a special focus on areas like Foreign Exchange market, Fixed Income Market and Swaps in the financial sector.

This workshop intends to help participants understand and internalize the principles and processes involved in FOREX market using functions of various financial institutions and instruments.

The highly interactive sessions aim at raising the level of financial awareness of the participants and providing them a strong hold over some of the critical concepts underlined. Workshop is meant to enable them to use the financial information to make better short-term or long-term decisions either for their own or for the collective purposes.

The workshop will be conducted in two sessions. Each session will last 3 hours each.

Date: - February 10th
Exact time and venue will be notified at the time of registration.


All participants will receive certificate of participation from Reuters.


Previous knowledge of financial basics and jargons will be an added advantage.


1. Introduction to FX Markets - Spot and Forwards, Cross Rates and
2. FX Exotic Options and Strategies
3. Deriving the ZCYC (Zero Coupon Yield Curve)
4. Interest Rate Swaps, Overnight Indexed Swaps and Currency Swaps


Participants with a valid identity card of their respective institute are eligible to participate in finance workshop to be conducted by Reuters during QUARK '08

Short listing

  • There are limited no.of seats and participants will be shortlisted for the workshop on first cum first serve basis.
  • The registrations will be held half an hour before the workshop.

Team size

  • Participants must register individually to attend the workshop.

Payment details

Registrations will be accepted individual form only.
A fee of Rs 300/- per head will be charged at the time of registration.

This cost includes:-
--cost of the training program


  • Prior registration is NOT required to attend this workshop.
  • Organizing committee holds the right to change the above rules as and when required.
  • The participants will be registered on first come first serve basis. The registrations will begin on February 9th.


Eeshan Thakar
(+91 9923075134)

Ashish Kumar
(+91 9850676270 )

Aman Jain
(+91 9822896878 )




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