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NOTE: This workshop will be held on all three days of QUARK, so participation in other workshops and events might not be possible.

Aeromodelling Workshop

This workshop is aimed at all people fascinated by the power of flight. It is an introductory workshop which acquaints one of basic aeromodelling principles. The broad objective of this workshop is 'To further, and provide facilities for, the enjoyment of the sport of aeromodelling and other associated activities. and to promote, protect, organise and encourage in every way, the flying and development of model aircraft'

The workshop is being conducted by Mr. Ansari Wasi, three time champion of All India Aeromodellers meet, held at Bombay. He is also the manager of Wings India [www.wingsindia.com] , a Mumbai based National Aeromodellers Club.

All the participants will get hands on experience in making their very own tow line Glider, ‘ALPHA’. Alongwith this, the workshop will also focus on the basics of aeromodelling and aerodynamics. The participants would also be given a lecture on how to make a Radio controlled plane.

Take Away at the end of the workshop

  • 1 Towline Glider
  • Learning Material


  • None


  • Understanding of basic aeromodelling concepts.
  • Building of ALPHA.
  • Lecture on how to go about making a Radio Controlled Aircraft.
  • Flying their own aeromodel.


Participants with a valid identity card of their respective institute are eligible to participate in Aeromodelling workshop of QUARK’08.

Short listing

  • There are limited no.of seats and participants will be shortlisted for the workshop on first cum first serve basis.
  • On registering the team leader should send a mail that contains the names of all team members, name of the institute and the workshop in which they want to participate to [email protected] with subject as reg-aeromodelling.

Team size

  • Participants must register in teams of three to attend the workshops.

Payment details

Registrations will be accepted in teams of three only. The cost for the Workshops is:
Rs 2500/- per team.

This cost includes:-
--cost of the training program
--cost of 1 Development Kit for the Towline Glider per group
--cost of Learning Material


  • Prior registration is required to attend these workshops.
  • Once you register on the website, it is necessary to send an email to [email protected] stating your team details for confirmation.
  • Teams without team confirmation email from [email protected] will not be eligible for accomodation through workshops.
  • Organizing committee holds the right to change the above rules as and when required.


Eeshan Thakar
(+91 9923075134)

Sanskriti Jain
(+91 9823461489)




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