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Prizes worth Rs 10000 up for grabs for this event. Make the most of this opportunity and register now!

Everyone of us can relate to the very popular number placement puzzles-Sudoku. It has become part of our daily lives. Sudoku puzzles are an integral part of leading newspapers in the country. It has also become the subject of research. Inspite of its amazing popularity, Sudoku competitions are largely unheard off. We at QUARK 2008 want to give you that opportunity. Sudo-Q is a national level Sudoku competition which brings together top talent from across colleges in the country. So pick up your pencils and start practicing Sudoku!!

Sudoku Variants

Sudoku variants are adaptations of the classic puzzles. More constraints are placed on the placement of numbers in a given box. More constraints should make solving the puzzle easier but variants with the exception of a few invariably make the puzzle tougher to solve. Therefore variants form a central part of the competition. Read the instruction booklet for details.


Instructions for the competition are given in the Instruction Booklet (pdf). All participants MUST go through the instruction booklet. (Click here to download)

The competition will be held over 2 days, 10th and 11th February. It will be an elimination style event.

We will have 3 rounds of competition. Every round will be elimination round with the 3rd and last round eventually producing the winners.

Round 1:

15 Classic Sudoku puzzles to be solved over a time period of - hours.
Date: Sat, 9th February
Time: Morning
Entry: Registered participants only

Round 2 :

15 variant Sudoku puzzles to be solved over a time period of 2 hours.
Date: Sat, 9th February
Time: Evening
Entry: Selected participants from round 1
This round will be points based. The format is as given below:
Maximum Points: 550
3xClassic Sudoku 30
2xDiagonal Sudoku 55
2xOdd/Even Sudoku 25
2xSum Sudoku 55
2x147 Sudoku 25
2xConsecutive Sudoku 25
2xClassic Sudoku 45

Round 3 :

5 tough variant Sudoku puzzles to be solved over a time period of 1 hour.
Date: Sun, 10th February
Time: Morning
Entry: Selected participants from round 2
This round too will be points based. 4 boxes will be marked in each puzzle and points will be as per the difficulty level of each box. The format is as given below. Points for each box for each puzzle is also given.
Maximum Points: 450
1xWord Sudoku 5,10,15,20
1xDigital Sudoku 10,15,20,25
1xMulti Sudoku 15,20,25,30
1xIrregular Sudoku 20,25,30,35
1xCubic Sudoku 25,30,35,40


Exact time and venue for each round will be intimated later.

Daily Sudoku:

Click here to download the file date wise

Jan 27th


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.

Special Note

  • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants.

Sudoku Links :


Event Managers

Neeraj Kedar
(+91 9823981720)

 Pralav Desai
(+91 9850471624)

[email protected]

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