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Certification Policy



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Sample Abstract and Sample Game Added.


Prizes worth Rs 15000 up for grabs for this event. Make the most of this opportunity and register now!

Design a game using a microcontroller having a suitable input output interface.

General Rules

  • Game can be player Vs player or player Vs 'computer' (machine).
  • Inputs to the circuit can be through any means (e.g. keypad, switches, microphone, touch screen etc).
  • Output of the circuit can be given to a LCD (minimum 16x2) or CRO or LEDs
  • A maximum of 8 bit microcontrollers/systems-on-chip can be used.
  • All parts should be designed and assembled by the teams themselves; using any part from any readymade circuit is not permitted.
  • The components may be assembled on bread boards, tag boards etc., however assembly on Printed Circuit boards can be done only if these have been specially fabricated by the participants, boards from readymade kits should not be used. Participants using PCBs should bring along photo plots as a proof of originality. Do note that the judging criteria favor a proper layout of the circuit components.
  • The display can be on seven segment displays / CRO / LCD. (CRO will be provided to the teams, specification given below).
  • For screening purposes an abstract of the circuit and I/O methods should be submitted, details of which are as follows.
  • An abstract of the circuit, not exceeding more than 5 pages (Times New Roman, min. font size 12) in doc/txt/pdf format should be sent before 5th January 2008. A sample abstract template file can be downloaded here.
  • Rename the file as OGXXXX.ext, where ext denotes the extension of the file, with the subject Abstract - OGXXXX; where XXXX denotes the team registration number.
  • This abstract will be used for short listing teams availing accommodation at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus during QUARK '08. BITS will not be responsible for any email bounces. Upon successful receipt of the mail, an acknowledgement mail will be sent to the participant. These details will remain confidential with QUARK '08, and will not be shared without the consent of the participant.
  • A team should not consist of more than 3 members.

Equipment information
Power Supply and other requirements:

  • The participants shall be provided with one dual power supply, Model No. ST 4075, Scientech, Regulated DC Power supply. The power supply can provide potential differences between the range of +15 to -15 V at one output terminal and 0-30 V at the other.
  • Current consumption is restricted to 2 A through the power supply terminals. If any circuit is found to exceed the current rating of the power supply provided, it shall be disqualified.
  • Apart from the above a single 1 phase, 220 V, 50 Hz AC power supply shall be provided.
  • Both the above supplies are provided as available commercially. The organizers do not take any responsibility for their regulation whatsoever, hence participants are advised to make suitable arrangements such as power supply regulating modules, if needed.

CRO Specifications

  • The CRO supplied to each team shall be a 30 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Model No. HM203M, Scientech.
  • Teams shall be provided with two CRO Probes (crocodile-clip- headed input wires).
  • Before connecting their circuits to the equipment, participants will have to demonstrate to the organizers that they are familiar with the working of the oscilloscope. Teams will not be provided any equipment from QUARK '08 if teams fail to convince the organizers.
  • Teams are not allowed to make any alterations in the internal working of the CRO. All modifications to be made with the CRO shall be through the medium of external knobs and connections only. If at any point of time, a circuit is adjudged to be harmful by the judges, teams may be disqualified.

Competition Information

  • Teams will be given a 30 minute time period at the venue to connect and test their circuit. Please note that your circuit must be functional throughout this time period, any repairs or additions will not be permitted. This will be by a judging session. Do note that this is a tentative schedule and organizers reserve a right to make changes.
  • All teams have to bring their own equipment such as soldering and desoldering equipment, bread boards, wires, multimeters etc. No requests shall be entertained in this regard.
  • The circuit must be accommodated on a table of size 2 ft X 4 ft. No additional space will be provided for the circuit placement.

Judging Criteria

  • Algorithm used by the teams.
  • Actual hardware implementation
  • Overall user friendliness of the device


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.

Special Note

  • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants.

Click Here To Download the Sample Game.

Click Here To Download the Abstract.

Event Manager

Rohan Gandhi
(+91 9823499216)


[email protected]

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