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Both Workshops Together : Registration is now closed

Intelligent Robotics Workshop

Intelligent Robotics Only : Registration is now closed

Building a robot is just the beginning; most of the people achieve this with some efforts. However, what gives your design that winning edge is the ability to adapt to environment and to make intelligent decisions.

This workshop is aimed at Robotics hobbyists and students who whish to learn the art of building sophisticated robots. It covers a broad range of topics varying from sensor interfacing to microcontroller programming and involves a hands on programming session on legendary Fire Bird platform used by some of the major universities. The interfacing of microcontroller not only involves a good knowledge of sensors but also requires sound programming fundamentals. The idea is to know your microcontroller very well so that you can plan robot design keeping in mind what, where, how and how many sensors/actuators can be interfaced.

The workshop will cover the essential theory combined with necessary hands-on sessions to give a realistic view of what goes into building a successful robot. Students will get to implement the concepts learned on the FIRE-BIRD 2 platform, a state of the art mobile robotics research platform developed by NEX Robotics for IIT Bombay.

The workshop will have two main sessions,

Fundamentals of robotics

Hands-on session           

Take Away at the end of the workshop

  • 1 Development board for ATmega 16/32 per group
  • 1 Programmer
  • CDs with all the source codes.


  • Familiarity with C programming
  • Familiarity with Microcontroller/Microprocessor architecture
  • Previous exposure to building simple wheeled platforms will be an added advantage

Image Processing Workshop

Image Processing Only : Registrations are now closed

" Ever dreamed of adding an eye to the robot?? Here is your chance to make your dreams come true...."
This workshop will enable you to build a robot with vision processing capabilities. The workshop covers image processing fundamentals and their implementation by using some of the unique software tools. The hardware platform used is the state of the art research platform FireBird-II, developed by Nex Robotics.

Contents of the workshop 


  1. A tutorial will be given out to participants beforehand. It is expected that participants  carry out all the exercises given.
  2. Working experience on Matlab will be an added advantage.


Participants with a valid identity card of their respective institute are eligible to participate in Intelligent Robotics and Image Processing workshops of QUARK’08.

Short listing

  • There are limited no.of seats and participants will be shortlisted for the workshop on first cum first serve basis.
  • On registering the team leader should send a mail that contains the names of all team members, name of the institute and the workshop in which they want to participate to [email protected] with subject as reg-nexworkshop.

Team size

  • Participants must register in teams of three to attend the workshops. They can either register for 1 of the workshops or both.

Payment details

Registrations will be accepted in teams of three only. The cost for the Workshops is:
Rs.3900/- per team  for Intelligent Robotics Workshop [2 days]
Rs.2100/-  per team for the Image Processing Workshop [1 day]
Rs.5000/- per team if he registers for both workshops [3 days] Register at the top of this page.

This cost includes:-
For the intelligent robotics workshop :
--cost of the training program
--cost of 1 Development board for ATmega 16/32 per group
--cost of 1 Programmer
--cost of CDs with all the source codes.

For the image processing workshop:
--cost of the training program
--cost of the instruction manual
--cost of CDs with the source codes


  • Prior registration is required to attend these workshops.
  • Once you register on the website, it is necessary to send an email to [email protected] stating your team details for confirmation.
  • Teams without team confirmation email from [email protected] will not be eligible for accomodation through workshops.
  • Organizing committee holds the right to change the above rules as and when required.


Eeshan Thakar
(+91 9923075134)

Sreesan V
(+91 9923249904)




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