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Last Date of Submission of the paper: 30th January 2008 Abstract format uploaded


Event - IgNobel Awards

Humor inside an Einstein…

This event is inspired by Ig Nobel Prizes organized by the scientific humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), they are presented by a group that includes genuine Nobel Laureates at a ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. The THEORIST have been instituted to recognize research projects that 'first make people laugh, then make them think’. The content of the THEORIST paper is expected to be technical, however bizarre it may be. However, an approach which could be understood by most will be appreciated. Keep things simple and clear and do not indulge in verbal ostentation.

Event format

The People:  Since presenting a Ig-NOBEL paper requires mainly the ability to think out of the box and be creative, any student can participate!

Online and on-the spot: The event consists of two rounds. The preliminary round is the online submission of papers. These shall be evaluated by a panel of judges and the top 8 papers will be selected for the finals. The final round will be held during QUARK. The finalists will have to give a 5 to 15 minute PowerPoint presentation to the judges in BITS-PILANI, GOA  CAMPUS during QUARK 08.

Team Event: The number of authors for the paper can be upto 5, but keep in mind that you are presenting a paper. Usually, the optimal number of authors is 3 per paper. It is not necessary to have a team though and single participant entries are allowed.

Rules & Regulations

The event will have two rounds.

   1. The Prelims - The papers have to be submitted online in PDF format preferably, though other formats are accepted. The main judging criteria for the prelims are Creativity and Humor. Sample papers can be downloaded. The papers have to be completely original. If any kind of plagiarism is detected, the participants will be immediately disqualified.

  • Entries can be sent as papers or patents.
  • Though the topics can range from calculation of the relative density of monkey’s shit to effect of blonde wigs on oomph, we expect a thorough logical analysis. It is still a technical paper presentation.
  •  Any papers containing profanities, racial or other content which could offend the audience will be disqualified. The judgment of the coordinator will be binding.

   2. The Final - The finalists have to give 5 -15 minute presentation at QUARK 08 in BITS-PILANI, GOA CAMPUS. The content of the papers and the presentation will be given equal weightage. The authors will have to explain how they came about the idea and give a detailed logical explanation of the work involved. Then the participants will be grilled in a 5 minute Q and a session by the judges and audience.

Click here to Download the Abstract Format.

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