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About BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus

Inaugurated by hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus currently houses 2100 of the academic cream of the country. Occupying 188 acres of one of the most beautiful states of India, the campus looks breathtaking with its blend of rocky landscape and modern architecture overlooking the River Zuari. Testimony to the marvellous design of the college are 13 hostels, covered walkways, the fully airconditioned institute building, its majestic B Wing Dome and the 2200 capacity state-of-the-art auditorium. All this serves as a perfect setting for BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus to hold its annual festivals that are becoming so increasingly popular across India.

Now 3 years old, the college is on the verge of turning out its first batch of highly skilled and trained graduates. The tremendous growth exhibited by us over the last 3 years only shows the BITSians' hunger. No wonder BITS is the No. 1 Private Engineering Institute in India.

What is QUARK?

QUARK refers to an elementary particle which is the fundamental constituent of matter. It is synonymous with the exploration of scientific knowledge and the unknown, upcoming face of science. This precisely echoes the spirit of QUARK '08, the annual technical extravaganza of BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus.

QUARK '08 is all about being basic and showing simplicity in an extra-ordinary way. It is a national endeavour and will feature premier colleges from all across the country. BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus provides the ideal platform for such a convergence of intellectual resources from all over the country. With the technical fest spread over three days QUARK '08 provides the most extensive brand marketing opportunity among college students in the region.

Inviting you to the exciting and thrilling arena of QUARK '08,

- The QUARK '08 Team

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