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The Amazing Race

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Prizes worth Rs. 10,000/- to be won!

Have books like “The Da Vinci code” or movies like “The National Treasure” & “The Pirates of the Caribbean” fascinated you? This quark will provide you a chance to live your dreams and earn while doing the same.

Travel back in time ,jump in the present  and then seek your treasure in the infinite space..  all in a matter of 3 helluva awesome days!

The first day would take you through the seven wonders of the ancient world

The second day transports you back to the present time where you have to race through continents to find the clues to the treasure.

The third day be ready to be flung into outer space to trace the paths of the mystical constellations and find clues in the starry nights.


  1. The entire institute will be mapped as shown in the given picture.
  2. Participants will be provided with clues leading to subsequent clues which will guide them to the twelve treasures, as shown in the map.
  3. After each treasure is claimed, the team is required to report back to the control room to claim their points and for further instructions to the next treasure.
  4. Further details will be provided when you register.


  1. Teams of three.
  2. On the spot registration.
  3. Teams can enter the game at any point of time.
  4. Each participating team will be provided with some initial points to get into the game.
  5. A team can carry forward 20% of the profit (final points-initial points) that they earned the previous day.
  6. The top three teams will be given a monetary benefit at the end of each day. However, these three teams will not be allowed to carry forward any points to the next day.
  7. The team that claims a particular treasure in the least amount of time will also gat a monetary reward at the end of each day.
  8. The new teams on a particular day are to start afresh with the fixed initial points.
  9. Any team found guilty of disfiguring the clues will be disqualified.
  10. Teams gone bankrupt will be required to contact the managers.
  11. The decision of the managers will be final in case of all disputes.

Certification Policy

  1. Each day winner will be given Excellence Certificate.
  2. Next two each day will be given Merit Certificate.

Event Managers

Surbhi Verma - +91 9960460047

Nesar S. R.

For further assistance/enquiry, please contact us at amazing_race[at]