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The event will test your creativity, innovation, your originality along with apt justification of the theme which shall be presented on-the-spot; along with your zest and technical skills for Photoshop. There is NO prerequisite for participation in this event except for passion and a little familiarity with Adobe Photoshop CS3 tools and interface.

Think Out Of the Box in a Given Time Constraint. Sounds Easy? Test your mettle at MosaiQ!


Round 1

Design a poster for a fictitious Movie or Television Show based on ONE of the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Sci-Fi

Come up with a title for the movie or TV show and also make up the other information, such as the star-cast, the name of the director, producer, writer, person giving the music, company responsible for special effects if any, production house, released by, soundtrack available on, and address of the movie website.

Following guidelines should be followed:

  1. The poster should clearly bring out the theme you have selected. Do not explicitly mention the theme on the poster.
  2. If you are using images as part of your poster, do not use them directly as they are. Your PSD files will be checked for original work.
  3. The poster size should be A3.
  4. You are required to submit your PSD file. Please ensure that you do not merge all your layers (flatten) your PSD file. Send in your entries to [email protected].

Round 2

Problem Statement shall be revealed On-the-Spot to the finalist of Round 1.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on Originality and Creativity of the participants, ability to present your theme and also on Photoshop skills.

Event Manager

If you have any queries, please send an email to [email protected], or get in touch with:

Akash Tekchandani
+91 9764329645