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FIX! mbit

Quark 2010 in association with ‘mbit’ is organizing the event ‘FIX! mbit’ in Quark 2010 for testing the mbit application, the world’s first mobile P2P Application, used for file sharing, publishing, data sharing, subscribing to channels, and making groups!

The objective of the event is to use the application , find bugs and report them.


For all you science enthusiast, QUARK 10 brings an online all science event. This is a can't-miss for those who wish to test their scientific knowledge and are ready to compete anyone in the brainstorming event. Come engage yourself in the enigma of ideas; in the rough and tumble of questions waiting to be answered…

Code Jam

A technical festival without a coding competition sounds incomplete. Doesn't it!
So here is a chance for everyone to brush up their minds for a challenging programming contest with the freedom of coding in whatever language they want.

Binary Pirates

The race to the top . . .      

The holy grail for hackers from across the country, Binary Pirates has just one rule- THERE ARE NO RULES. Do whatever it takes to capture the flag and move to the next level. The event will test your understanding of networking principles and web technologies and your ability to bend them to suit your needs. In short, this event will take the very fundamentals of your hacking knowledge and your ingenuity, and shake them.....hard.


The events not only tests your knowledge on various areas but also tests your prowess at solving questions analytically by linking the clues at hand. The winner of the event will be the participant solving maximum number of questions in minimum time.

Quark Online Quiz

For those of you who cant wait for Quark 2010 to begin, we present The Quark Online quiz.

Showcasing the rich quizzing tradition of BPGC, we give you a chance to compete with quizzers around the country, from the comfort of your own nest. The quiz will be focused around sci-tech-biz. This one for the wiki-heads..beware! This ain't what you think it is. Think laterally, think out-of-the-box!