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CSI - Goa

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Download Material for Round 1: Forensics


Ever imagined yourself as the next Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? Here’s your chance to become the star sleuth you always wanted to be. Put your skills to the test, as we challenge you to solve a complex and intriguing mystery which will involve everything from petty theft to high profile crimes. So get those grey cells working to make use of some cool logic in the face of danger.

Event Specifications:                         

No. of rounds:  3

Round 1: 

      ·          This will be an elimination round.


      ·         It will consist of a written quiz based on basic knowledge of forensic science

      ·          Selected teams will proceed to the next round. 

            Round 2:

The participants will be given a mystery to be solved in a given amount of time. Solving the mystery will involve the use of observation powers, logical reasoning and forensic techniques. The relevant data will be provided and the participants will have to make deductions based on it. The participants will be given a general introduction of all the forensic techniques before the start of the event. This will be an elimination round.

        ·         Each team will be given a small case and will be expected to solve it using basic logic.

        ·         The first ten teams which will successfully solve the case will proceed to the next round.

Round 3:

        ·          This is the last and final round for the event.

        ·           All the ten teams will be given one case to solve.

        ·          The first team to successfully solve the case wins.

       ·          In case no team is able to solve the case, each team will have to give an explanation of how they went about solving the case.

        ·          The team with maximum number of right answers wins.

       ·          In case of discrepancies all the decisions of the event managers and the judges will be final.



Round 1

Date: 5th February 2010

Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm


·          It is mandatory to solve all the clues.

·          There is only one correct answer to each clue; no other answer shall be entertained.( the approach to the answers may be different)

·          No. of members per team: Min:1 Max:3

·          Exchange of answers between teams is not allowed.

·          All decisions taken by the judges will be final and are not subject to change under any circumstances. In case of a tie, the decision of the judges and the event managers will be final and binding on all.

Judging Criteria:

·          The team which solves the mystery correctly in the shortest amount of time will be declared the winner.

·          In case of a tie, the logic of the teams in solving the mystery will be checked.

·          At the end of the specified time, all the teams will be given 10 minutes to explain how they arrived at the final solution.

·          In case no team is able to solve all the clues in the given time, the team with the best logical approach will be declared the winner.

Certification Policy:

·        Certificate of excellence will be awarded to the winning team and runners up.

·        Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participating teams.

Event manager contacts:

Anand Paul


[email protected]


Manashree Malpe


[email protected]