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Ever wondered how terrorist activity is monitored by defense ministries, and how they find out  about the place and time of danger ?

NUMB3RS is an event that will bring out the mathematician within us all. It is interesting to see how playing with patterns and series of numbers can get us to solve notorious cases. In this event, participants selected from a written quiz in the first round, will be teamed up and presented with a complete case study, to be solved by observing and manipulating some nerve-wrecking numeric codes.

 Event Specifications:

 No. of rounds: 2

Elimination Round:

        ·         This round will be of 60min duration

        ·         It will consist of objective as well as subjective questions

Final Round:

        ·         A case study will be given to each team, which will contain many inter-related questions. Putting all the answers together will solve the case.   



Round 1

Date: 4th February 2010

Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm


  •  No. of members per team: Min:1 Max:3

  • Since the 1st round is based on reasoning and innovation, answers should be supported by proper reasoning.

  • In case of discrepancies, the decision of the event managers will be final and binding on all.  

Judging Criteria:

Elimination Round: 

         ·         No partial marking will be awarded for the objective questions.

         ·         Partial marking will be given only for reasoning subjective questions.

         ·         There will also be bonus and tie-breaker questions.

 Final Round:

         ·         All the clues will have equal weightage.

         ·         Participants who ask for hints for a specific clue will have some percentage of the marks for that clue deducted according to the number of hints asked.

         ·         The team that solves the case the fastest wins

         ·         If none are able to solve the case completely, the team with maximum marks will win.


 ·         The participants may not use the internet, any books or any other sources.

 ·         No prior knowledge is required about any advanced topics in mathematics.

 ·         Some useful theory and tips will be provided in the second round for the participants to help them in the case study. 

 Certification Policy:

  • Certificate of excellence will be awarded to the winning team and the runners up teams.
  • Certificate of participation will be awarded to all teams qualifying round 1.

 Event manager contacts:

 Nehil Jain                                                         


[email protected]                  


Abhay Raj 


[email protected]