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Junkyard Contraption

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The event junkyard contraption will bring out the best skills and innovations from the participants. Imagination and manual skills with the junk provided will be the main crux in winning this event.

This event is about building a contraption out of the junk provided. Every team will be allowed to select a stipulated amount of trash as per their idea of the contraption to be built from the trash. The main objective of this contraption will be to have maximum number of energy conversions and maximum amount of time to reach the objective which will be raising a flag.

Event specifications

Elimination round:

  1. This will consist of a simple written multiple choice exam which will test the understanding of the basics of mechanics of the participants.
  2. Top 8 teams will be shortlisted for the main round.
  3. Duration of the exam will be one hour. The date and time of the round will be updated.
  4. Each team will answer the exam together.

Final round:

  • The shortlisted teams will get half an hour to form an idea and select the trash. The teams will have a constraint on the amount of trash selected.
  • The constraint on the amount of trash will be based on weight/number as per availability of the component.
  • Based on the rank of the first round the team will get to select the trash.
  • The teams will be given a 3 m * 3 m space for their contraption.
  • The contraption can be triggered manually and the objective of the contraption is to raise a flag provided by the organizers.
  • The allotted time for building the contraption will be 3 ½ hours.
  • Judging will begin after the allotted time is over.
  • Basic tools like saws, pliers, hammers etc. will be provided by the organizers.
  • The elimination round and the final round dates will be updated.
  • The trash won’t consist of electrical or chemical components.
  • The energy conversions considered for evaluation will be strictly mechanical (i.e. potential to kinetic and vice-a-versa).

Number of participants

  1. Teams will consist of minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 members.
  2. The teams will be screened through an elimination round and the top 8 teams will be shortlisted for the final round.


  • The trash will be placed at the centre of the arena.
  • The space provided for each team will be a square of 3m*3m with no constraints on the height of the contraption.

Judging criteria

  • The time from the trigger to the raising of flag should be maximized. The trigger can be manual.
  • Further human intervention will result in a penalty.
  • A penalty will also be imposed for extra material taken after initial selection of the material.
  • Higher number of energy conversions (only P.E. to K.E. and K.E. to P.E.) will earn more marks. Only those energy conversions where a transfer of momentum takes place will be considered for evaluation.
  • The judges will award bonus marks on the basis of innovativeness of the ideas on a scale of 1 to 10.

Evaluation formula

S=100T + 100E + 50B –250H –M


S = total score of the team

T = time in seconds required to raise the flag

E = number of mechanical energy conversions

B = bonus points awarded by the judges on a scale of 1 to 10

H = number of human interventions

M = mass of extra material in grams


Event managers

Viren Kalsekar


Anish Dhoble


Amogh Sakpal