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Quark Online Quiz

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The list of winners is out! Click here to download!!!

The perfect appetizer for Quark, the first ever Online Quiz for Quark explores the 2 pre-eminent products of an innovation festival like ours - Technology & Business.
So if you, my dear homosapien, are up for a challenge at the highest level in those broad aspects of quizzing, you have indeed found the right link.
All you have to do is register for this event, and we promise that you will stop whining about your grandfather's apparent lack of tech-savvy-ness and start whining about why newspapers should have keep the business section after the sports section, rather than vice-versa

Event Specifications

  1. No. of rounds: 2
  2. No. of participants : One


  1. Two separate question sets will be uploaded.
  2. There will be one winner for each set.
  3. Answers should be sent to [email protected] as an attachment in the .txt, .pdf or .doc form only (preferably .txt). The subject of the mail should “Quark Online Quiz”
  4. Answer  what you think is the answer to the exactly what is asked. If the question is a connect, Explain clearly. Your answer will be judged based on how close you are to the right answer.
  5. Questions have different weightages , to be used in case of a tie.
  6. Clearly mention your name, address, name of your college and your telephone number in the body of the email.
  7. Multiple entries by a single student are strictly forbidden.
  8. The Quiz master's decision is final !!

The 2nd question set is up !!! Click HERE(right click "HERE" and choose 'save link as' or 'save target as' to download the file on your computer) to download problem set 2.

Answers have to be sent by 11:59:59 PM on 4th February 2010


The quiz is open to College students only. This contest is open to students anywhere in the world satisfying the above criterion.

Judging Criteria

The two question sets will be judged independently. The participant with highest number of correct answers in each set wins. In case of a tie, the entry that was sent earlier will be awarded.

Certification Policy

Certificates of Excellence will be given to the winner of each set.


Event Managers :

Sunil Thomas


[email protected]

Surbhi Verma


[email protected]